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A portrait of a middle aged man with long brown flowing hair, A dark brown beard . he has blue eyes with an intense expression. he is outdoors and its done in anime style.
A portrait of a middle aged man with long brown... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DDIMSeed: 332249458
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Prompt: A mysterious and stoic Mirialan jedi male, with long black hair in the clone wars style
Prompt: dragonball style, fire clouds background smoke, 4k, Dark brown short detailed tied beard,detailed Man bun, Long detailed Hair, shining eyes
Prompt: Anime Samurai Jesus Christ as depicted in the book of  revaltion coming out of heaven gathering his chosen to ride against the enemy Satan
Prompt: a human king with short brown hair a beard and silver eyes wearing royal attire has a scar across his face ready for battle his armor his battered his face looks sad or thoughtful his eyes are soft and kind he has been in many battles and wars he is wise and has much knowledge he has lion fur on his shoulder his helmet is tucked under his arm
Prompt: really evil male, thin face, evil grin, dark, melancholic, ruler, rich merchant, highly detailed, 8k, medieval, old, beard
Prompt: Rick Grimes in Anime Style
Prompt: Friction character, with long flowing hair basking in the radiant red light
Prompt: Negan Smith as an anime character
Prompt: closeup face portrait of an aging man, with parted peppered hair. Broad shoulders and muscular. Rugged, handsome, five o clock shadow facial hair.  detailed face, by makoto shinkai, lya Kuvshinov, darkest dungeon, hades, rossdraws, concept art, digital painting, looking into camera, blue eyes, heavy steel plate, armor, dnd
Prompt: best quality, drawing,
a delicate and beautiful man ,wavy long hair, clean shaven,
red eyes,Hairstyle with design, Angry
,Red and black Hanfu,(upper body:1.1), real texture
Prompt: Gigachad
Prompt: a man's who's 30 years old face with medium long black hair tied back with some hair not tied back his eyes black and sharp with a serious expression in a manga art style kentaro miura with shadings and realism geralt hairstyle
Prompt: Overdetailed Photorealistic Portrait Inspired by (Kenpachi From the Anime Bleach), Shinigami, Detailed BonKai! Demon Face, Black hair, Detailed Hands, Splatters of blood on Anime Bleach Captains Uniform, Intricately Detailed, Award Winning, Photograph, Film Quality
Prompt: Dwarf in the forest, DnD style, he is holding twin axes, long black beard, blond hair, he is smiling, eyes closed, highly detailed, photorealistic, octane render, unreal engine, (((anime style))), UHD, HDR, 8K, ((Masterpiece)) , MAPPA anime studio, MADHOUSE anime studio, Style from the webtoon OVERGEARED
Prompt: Sokka from avatar the last airbender
Prompt: One piece style, wano arc, fire clouds smokey background, 4k, short beard, detailed Man bun, dark brown hair, Long detailed Hair, sharingan eyes
Prompt: jesus in jojo's bizarre adventures
Prompt: Meet Durin Stonehammer, a stout and hardy dwarf hailing from the mountains of Khazad-dûm. Durin stands at just under four feet tall, with a broad and muscular build that belies his size. His beard is long and thick, woven with braids and adorned with small metal rings. Durin's eyes are deep-set and piercing, conveying a sense of intense focus and determination. 

As a member of one of the most respected clans in dwarven society, Durin is fiercely loyal to his kin and will stop at nothing to protect them. He is also known for his skill as a blacksmith, having honed his craft over many years. Durin's weapons and armor are highly sought after, and he takes great pride in his work. 

Despite his gruff exterior, Durin has a soft spot for animals, especially his trusty mule, Balthazar. He enjoys spending his downtime in the company of his fellow dwarves, drinking ale and telling tales of past adventures. But when duty calls, Durin is always ready to answer, wielding his trusty battle axe with deadly precision.
Prompt: Highly realistic of susanoo,male,wiseman,black hair and beard,strom God,rainy,smiling,legend,highest,the creator deity,natural light,64k,UHD,perfect composition,highly detailed,ultra-fine detailed,extreme face detailed,fantasy,Sharp focus,Kinkakuji Temple,japanese mythology,
Prompt: Anime Samurai Jesus Christ as depicted in the book of  revaltion coming out of heaven gathering his chosen to ride against the enemy Satan
Prompt: A middle-aged man with long black hair, facial hair, raggy clothes, red eyes, livid, anime
Prompt: anime
Prompt: Negan Smith as an anime character
Prompt: Rick Grimes as an anime character
Prompt: Portrait of a demon man while he is swinging his sword, orange curly hair man bun, he is angry, gothic, scars on his face, he have Horns, devil, anime art, Slightly realistic, badass, yakuza, japanese, muscular, cinematic cool pose, background blur, sharp focus, tattooed, in the midst of war, digital art, manga, aesthetic color palette, sharp, mappa, anime, villain, demon hunter, FHD, instagram, trending in artstation, HD, 4k