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Vinny Mascio

Vinny Mascio


Cyberpunk fixer in black trench coat
Cyberpunk fixer in black trench coat [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 628978970

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Prompt: Cyberpunk fixer in black trench coat
Prompt: Cyberpunk policeman american white male 30 Years old
Prompt: {Mdjrny-v4 Style, highly detailed, best quality, masterpiece, 4k hdr}. a Man wearing a nice business suit, with a bronze mask covering his face. wielding a spear. (Epic). wandering through a post-apocalypse city, walking in the rain,
Prompt: Original villain. Future military armour. Black and neon. Slow exposure. Detailed. Male masked. Blade in hand. Dirty. Dark and gritty. Post-apocalyptic Neo Tokyo. Futuristic. Shadows. Sinister. Evil
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Prompt: Cyberpunk, perfect composition, goatee {30 year old}, lean and muscular, { Heavily Tattooed}, { Shiny Steel skin}, Short mohawk hair, {wearing Cyberpunk long coat, shirt and baggy cargo pants}, extra masculine, peak fitness, determined expression, holding cyberpunk Submachinegun, explosions, 8k eyes,  detailed face, wlop, stanley artgerm lau, artstation, hd, octane render, hyperrealism intricate details, 8k, cinematic volumetric light, proportional, art trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, intricate artwork masterpiece, ominous, intricate, epic, trending on artstation, highly detailed, vibrant, production cinematic character render, ultra high quality model
Prompt: Muscular Villain. Tattoos. Tough. paramilitary jacket. Slow exposure. Detailed. Dirty. Dark and gritty. Post-apocalyptic Neo Tokyo. Futuristic. Shadows. Sinister. Armed. Brutal. Intimidating. mask. Fanatic. Intense. Heavy rain. Neon lights in background. Explosion. Burning car in mid distance.  Explosive Detonator in hand.