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Diva of the Stars
Diva of the Stars [more]
Model: Anything V4
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 459422947
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Prompt: most beautiful girl in the universe
Prompt: (masterpiece, illustration, best quality:1.2), short trimmed pink hair, blue eyes, wearing purple nightgown, best quality face, best quality, best quality skin, best quality eyes, best quality lips, ultra-detailed eyes, ultra-detailed hair, ultra-detailed, illustration, colorful, soft glow, 1 girl
Prompt: (wearing sakura card captor costume:1.1), (absurdres), masterpiece, best quality, sharp focus, soft lighting, (full shot), (realistic), (cowboy shot), (beautiful) (petite:1.21) (medium breasts:0.96), stunningly attractive (tomboy) girl, curvy, (playful:1.2), (aroused:1.3), nature backdrop, ( red very short wavy hair:1.21), (amazing feminine face:1.21), (detailed freckles:0.96), (beautiful realistic green eyes:1.21), (small nose:1.11), (narrow waist:1.31), (abs:0.91), (wide hips:1.11), (thick thighs:1.01), (long legs), (excellent hands fingers thumbs:1.16), (Yoji Shinkawa:1.01), (Raymond Leech:1.11), (Range Murata:1.11), (Alena Aenami:1.01), (Pascal Campion:1.16), (Rebecca Guay:1.11), (Sparth:1.01), (r/eyes:1.21), (confident expression:1.21), (nose blush:0.81), (cleavage:0.81) (elegant) (intricate) (cute:1.01) tight t-shirt, exposed midriff, (shorts:1.21), (pixie cut:1.21)<hypernet:magical and cosmical 2:0.4>
Prompt: anime visual of a girl with pink colored hair, ((baroque oil painting)), (((anime character concept))) art, trending on pixiv fanbox, official media, (rule of thirds), (golden ratio), (detail acrylic palette knife), (((in the style of makoto shinkai))),
Prompt: ((Best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), Stars twinkling in a cosmic landscape inspired by Sailor Moon, with a soft and ethereal lighting. Create a fantasy manga-style digital painting that showcases vibrant pastel colors. The scene should be rendered in high definition using 3D graphics
Prompt: A Cute Fairy with fairy wings, while wearing an ornate navy colored dress, with pink hair, and gold jewelry. (Background Night sky)
Prompt: beatiful woman, in woman eyes stars pupils
Prompt: Haley as a horse girl with bright multi-color hair pulled back in a pony tail, wearing a nightgown
Prompt: highest quality portrait full body of peautiful fairy, Steven universe, digital painting, background, flowers, vines, rainbow colored skin, style of Fragonard, forest, glow neon hair, highly-detailed symmetric face, cinematic,  ultra vibrant color palette, soft light, greens, shibari, bondage, ropes, stars, diamonds, sparkling, white, contrast, neon, suspended, neon pink outlines, big eyes, iridescent, big lips, long hair, legs visible, vines, arms visible, perfect composition, hyperrealistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, sharp focus, spotlight, intricate details, highly detailed, dynamic lighting, detailed and intricate environment
Prompt: Zerif 1male (Red side-swept hair covering his right eye)and Haley dressed up as witches, UHD, 8K, Highly detailed, insane detail, best quality, high quality,