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realistic photo, pretty woman, vampire, Alexi Hobbs style, highly detailed
realistic photo, pretty woman, vampire, Alexi H... [more]

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Model: openart/OpenArt_Photorealistic
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 559250433
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Prompt: Create a professional, high-quality close-up photographic portrait of gothic-style identical twin girls, with their pale faces detailed and expressive. Their long, thin, black hair should frame their faces, adding to the overall aesthetic.

They are seen face-to-face, their heads pressed together, turned towards the camera, their piercing gazes meeting the lens directly. Their intense dark makeup should highlight their eyes and lips, contrasting starkly against their pallid skin tones.

Their gothic aesthetic should be elaborated upon meticulously - from the black eyeliner and mascara, the dark lipstick, to the perfectly applied pale foundation. The makeup should be used to accentuate their symmetrical features and ethereal beauty. Their long black hair should fall naturally, giving them an enigmatic and mesmerizing aura.

Use soft yet dramatic lighting to highlight their faces, casting the rest of the frame into shadow. The illumination should enhance the gothic ambiance, creating a chiaroscuro effect that defines their features and amplifies the stark contrast between their makeup and complexion.

Despite their identical appearances, strive to capture the subtle differences that make them unique. This can be in the slight variation of their expressions or how the light and shadow play differently on their faces.

This portrait should not only emphasize their gothic aesthetic but also evoke a sense of connection and individuality. The image must portray their shared identity as twins, yet each one's distinct personality. A perfect blend of sameness and difference, darkness and light.
Prompt: realistic photo, pretty woman, vampire, Alexi Hobbs style, highly detailed
Prompt: Realistic book accurate Bryce Quinlan. Curvy woman with long, straight, wine red hair, amber colored eyes, slightly pointed elf ears, and freckly skin
Prompt: beautiful vampire woman in
Prompt: epic professional digital portrait art of vampire πŸ‘©β€πŸ’ΌπŸ˜‰,best on artstation, cgsociety, wlop, Behance, pixiv, astonishing, impressive, outstanding, epic, cinematic, stunning, gorgeous, concept artwork, much detail, much wow, masterpiece, photorealistic, intricate details, hyperrealisitic, Midnight Lighting