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Nebojsa Blagojevic

Nebojsa Blagojevic


Beautiful lady, dark hair, godess of magic, in purple dress, full body, fantasy kindom scene
Beautiful lady, dark hair, godess of magic, in purple dress, full body, fantasy kindom scene [more]
Model: Realistic Stock Photo
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1230210025

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Prompt: Beautiful lady, dark hair, godess of magic, in purple dress, full body, fantasy kindom scene
Prompt: Beautiful lady, dark hair, godess of magic, in purple dress, full body, fantasy kindom scene
Prompt: Fantasy book cover, beautiful young demon princess, deep cleavage, narrow waist, strong thighs, detailed dress, dark colors, dramatic lighting, full body shot, highres, detailed, fantasy, demon princess, elaborate dress, dark tones, intense gaze, professional lighting, atmospheric, powerful
Prompt: full color fibonacci spiral voronoi fractal space sun and moon on crescent foreground, A big beautiful and real Ottoman wife photo, with perfect composition, insanely detailed, highly detailed, good quality full HD, brown skin, a sharp small nose, a full dark color classic low bundle style hair, brown eyes, wearing a purple transparent lacy dress and a white veil
Prompt:  evocative storytelling, digital art, intricate details, deep blues, purples, blacks, dramatic lighting. Pale fantasy maiden, standing in the midst of a ray of moonbeams, with her hair down around her. She is stunning.
Prompt: A beautiful woman, princess of the night,high resolution, highly detailed,Nyx, the Night,indigo, purple and black ,female, sweet, three quarter wiew,entire figure from head to toe,digital art
Prompt: full-body hyper-realistic character middle-age female with black hair, adorned with amethysts and Irises, standing in an ethereal twilight background, full body,  high res, detailed, vibrant colors, flowing and ethereal detailed ornate clothes, radiant lighting, majestic, surreal, paradise setting, intricate circlet 
character, art, illustration, photorealism
Prompt: In a secluded corner of a medieval fantasy village, where cobblestone streets lead to an imposing castle under the watchful gaze of ancient stars, there lives a young female Elf wizard. Her appearance is a delightful blend of contrasts: pale skin dotted with cute freckles and dimples that play at the corners of her lips with every mysterious smile. Her body, curvy and full, defies the traditional elven silhouette, adding to her unique charm.

Her hair, a vibrant shock of intense purple, cascades around her shoulders, setting her apart in a crowd and hinting at the potent magic that courses through her veins. This young elf is clad in a skintight leotard that hugs her form, a testament to her confidence and a symbol of her magical prowess. The leotard, enchanting in its simplicity, seems to be an extension of herself, moving with grace and fluidity.

Adorning her legs are tight thigh-high boots, perfectly fitted, that speak of adventure and the many paths she has trodden, both in this realm and beyond. They are not just footwear but a part of her story, each step resonating with the power of her spells and the depth of her knowledge.

Over her shoulders, a sparkling magical cape flows, capturing the luminescence of the cosmos. This cape, alive with the glow of countless stars, not only serves as a protective mantle but also as a beacon of her connection to the celestial energies, weaving the fabric of her spells with the threads of stardust.

Set against the backdrop of a quaint village with its medieval charm and the distant silhouette of a castle, this Elf wizard embarks on her journey. Her presence blends the mystique of ancient magics with the vibrancy of life, inviting those she meets to glimpse a world where magic is as real as the ground underfoot and as mysterious as the smile that plays upon her lips.