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incorporeal beings made of thought manipulating light and perception exposing their image
incorporeal beings made of thought manipulating... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (1024)
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 10Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 71300409
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Prompt: Nebula goddess fractal lady
Prompt: between body and soul
Prompt: DMT Trip , soul journey through the universe , purpose of life.
Prompt: , extraterrestres, alien beauty, futuristic lab, cell regeneration, olhos multifacetados, Telepathic abilities, Vision of the Multiverse, cyber implants, atmosfera aprimorada, advanced technology, Quantum Healing, genetics, chakras, energy fields, biophysics, corpos sutis, Harmonization, equilibrium, Frequencies, spiritual evolution, Akashic records, Energy information, Cell transformation, realinhamento, epigenetics, morphogenetic fields, Holistic Health, quantum therapy, corpos sutis, corpos espirituais, energy harmonization, busca pela verdade, caminho espiritual, expansion of consciousness, viagens interdimensionais, Cosmic beings, Cosmic messages, geometria sagrada, Quantum portal, portal estelar, spiritual ascent, planetary transition, Life Purpose, Connection to the Universe, quantum mind, cosmic intelligence, holografia da realidade, teoria do multiverso, seres multidimensionais, sabedoria ancestral, collective consciousness, cosmic unification.
Prompt: A wide perspective capturing a humanoid figure that is a testament to advanced biomechanical engineering. The figure's face, adorned with silver and blue tech elements, stands out. Surrounding the central figure are apparitions, each radiating a pulsating neurocore energy. The scene seamlessly integrates elements of nature, like plants growing over tech, indicative of a solarpunk world.
Prompt: Nebula goddess fractal lady
Prompt: Moonbeams, shadows, whispers, cosmic ballet, kaleidoscopic dreams, midnight's ink, forgotten constellations, arcane forces, interstice of twilight and dawn, surreal symphonies, canvas of the surreal, algorithms, esoteric communion, enigma, mystic ambiguity, boundaries of imagination, extraordinary creation, tendrils of the fantastical. Subject: Celestial Weaver.
Prompt: Create an extraordinary 8K AI-generated artwork that explores the profound concept of Shadow Work. Utilize advanced shadowing techniques and meticulous attention to detail to capture the essence of this transformative journey.

In this artwork, evoke a sense of depth and complexity by blending light and shadow in a captivating way. Let the shadows symbolize the hidden aspects of the self, while the light represents the path towards self-discovery and healing.

Employ a masterful use of shading and contrast to depict the interplay between darkness and illumination. The intricate details should highlight the intricate nature of the human psyche and the intricate layers of the shadow self.

This artwork should invite viewers to embark on their own inner exploration, inspiring them to confront their fears, traumas, and suppressed emotions. It should evoke a sense of empowerment, resilience, and the potential for personal growth that arises from embracing and integrating the shadow.

Let this AI-generated masterpiece in stunning 8K resolution serve as a visual catalyst for introspection, encouraging individuals to embark on their own transformative Shadow Work journey.
Prompt: Nebula goddess fractal lady