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Psychedelic photorealistic Ganja
Psychedelic photorealistic Ganja [more]
Model: DreamShaper V8
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1221048097
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Prompt: In this whimsical and otherworldly photo shoot, we'll be capturing the essence of an acid pixie. Think neon colors, bold patterns, and a touch of edginess.

Our model will be dressed in a mix of vintage and modern pieces, with lots of layering and texture to create a sense of depth and complexity. Accessories like chunky jewelry, spiked heels, and colorful hair clips will add to the overall vibe.

The setting will be a mix of industrial and natural elements, with plenty of graffiti, metal, and concrete juxtaposed with lush greenery and blooming flowers. We'll be using colorful smoke bombs and neon lights to create an otherworldly atmosphere that really brings out the acid pixie's magical qualities.

Camera-wise, we'll be using a combination of wide-angle and macro lenses to capture both the expansive, surreal landscape and the intricate details of our model's outfit and makeup. We'll also experiment with slow shutter speeds and motion blur to create a sense of fluidity and movement.

Overall, this shoot will be a feast for the eyes, with bold colors, whimsical elements, and a touch of darkness. Are you ready to capture the magic of the acid pixie?
Prompt: A woman in the fifth dimension with marijuana flowers on her body
Prompt: Dark academia, psychedelic horror, (meth, junkie, crackhead alien); dark concept art by Mark Ryden and carne griffiths, style of Guillermo del Toro, deep vivid glowing neon complimentary colors, dynamic lighting, hyperdetailed, intricately detailed, golden ratio, trending on Artstation, medical horror, post-apocalyptic, dystopian dark academia
Prompt: Insanely Detailed surreal portrait of realistic beautiful nature dryad covered in foliage and flowers in rococo outfit, picturesque meadow landscape in background, pop surrealism, vibrant gradient colors, fuchsia orange lilac green, concept art, editorial, "waterfall in hair", Hyperdetailed Painting artistic portrait CGSociety ZBrush Central Fantasy Art 8K holographic vibrant vivid symmetrical radiant sharp focus smooth, mother nature woman, anime character, background digital painting, digital illustration, extreme detail, digital art, ultra hd, vintage photography, beautiful, tumblr aesthetic, retro vintage style, hd photography, hyperrealism, extreme long shot, telephoto lens, motion blur, wide angle lens, deep depth of field, warm, anime Character Portrait, Symmetrical, Soft Lighting, Reflective Eyes, Pixar Render, Unreal Engine Cinematic Smooth, Intricate Detail, anime Character Design, Unreal Engine, Beautiful, Tumblr Aesthetic,  Hd Photography, Hyperrealism, Beautiful Watercolor Painting, Realistic, Detailed, Painting By benjamin lacombe, Fine Art, soft lustrous biotech raver gutter punk gothic cyborg, details, scifi, fantasy, cyberpunk, long curly hair, golden robes and armor, intricate, shimmer, glitter, golden, decadent, highly detailed, digital painting, octane render, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by artgerm, loish, wlop , illustration of a monster, horror, beautiful face, dead space, cyberpunk, nightmare by tom bagshaw and Akihiko Yoshida and luis royo and rosalba carriera, hyper realistic, yoshitaka amano.
Prompt: A picture of the soul
Prompt: A woman with marijuana flowers on her body, holding a mushroom, with eyes the color of the universe and an activated pineal gland
Prompt: lucid dream contemporary, surreal, hand-drawing, digital art, surrealism, pencil, fantasy, dream, colorful, detailed 4 K VANCORE
Prompt: Sleeping mask in the style of Lisa frank
Prompt: psychadelic tree black woman seasons
Prompt: psychedelic shimmer, hyper realistic, 8K --s99500
Prompt: a painting of a woman with flowers on her head, a detailed painting, by Helen Thomas Dranga, psychedelic art, afro futurism, dan mumford. maya render, each faces precisely define, hi - fructose art magazine, interconnected human lifeforms, art print, deep black skin, vibrant.-h 704
Prompt: hyper-detailed, black female, elf deer flower goddess, Rainbow-Influence, Flower-Ornate, beautiful hyperrealistic detailed thermoluminescence body tattoo, symmetrical piezoluminescence fractal makeup, ancient colors, vibrant, Anna Dittmann, Gerhard Richter, trending on Artstation
Prompt: Psychedelic Physique Portrait of a Shaman Guy wearing an marijuana  costume plant disguised as a human standing atop a red clay pot greg rutkowski jen bartel peter mohrbacher anna podedworna arthur rackham salvador dali octavio ocampo jacek yerka winslow homer norman rockwell uta natsume prismacolor tombow quill
Prompt: Light green prism, cosmic, ethereal, fairy, black princess of light, closeup
Prompt: Gaïa, cosmic nature plant goddess, faceless entity, symbolical, green, pink
Prompt: dynamic composition, a painting of an african woman with hair of ( neon summer flowers )!! and vines wearing ornate earrings, ornate gilded details, a surrealist painting by tom bagshaw and jacek yerga and tamara de lempicka and jesse king, featured on cgsociety, pop surrealism, surrealist, dramatic lighting, voodoo!!
Prompt: marijuana goddess detailed face hyper realistic extremely detailed dark cinematic UHD
Prompt: psychedelic beauty
Prompt: Cosmic Epic Beautiful Nebula (Beautiful benevolent {goddess}elf liquid tree}Nymph), hyper realistic,  expansive psychedelic background, hyper realistic, 8K --s99500