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Made by: Creative upscale
Width: 4608Height: 1984
Seed: 335629254

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Prompt: night scene, interior, a 14th century shabby hut interior, dark and mysterious, lit only by a small fireplace, with a small bed and a table and chair
Prompt: cozy and warm bornfire
Prompt: stone fireplace, dark, library
Prompt: bedroom small single bed angel, (((Thunder Outside window))), comfy throw pillows,  books lying around, a sleeping tabby cat with eyes closed, glass windows, photorealistic,  (((Stormy Weather))),
Prompt: wood logs for fireplace
Prompt: medieval interior of a hut with a double bed and a fireplace at night, wooden floor, octane render, style of “Makoto Shinkai”, thriller, ultra-wide-angle, cinematic lighting, highly detailed, Octane render, Unreal Engine, by Weta Digital, painted in the style of Andre Breton,Jean Arp,Max Ernst,Yves Tanguy,Man Ray,Andre Masson, Rene Magritte,Salvador Dali,Frida Kahlo,Leonora Carrington,Joan Miro,Mike Winkelmann