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Prompt: A child who has beautiful eyes,he is of 1 year old ,his cheeks are like sponge, he is very skinny , he is happy,
Prompt: can you make a picture of a boy child, a three year old whose parents are margot robbie and chris wood? Have blonde hair and a blue eyes.
Prompt: Boy
Prompt: baby  girl with very light auburn hair and big hazel eyes wearing a orange dress, closeup
Prompt: high definition photo portrait of an 1 year old girl
Prompt: A portrait of a dimpled African-American baby covered in towels, smiling at the camera cheekily.
Prompt: A cute baby boy handsome smiling laughing
Prompt: A photo of a 6-month-old baby sitting on a blanket in the sunshine. The image uses natural lighting to create a warm and cheerful atmosphere, with a golden color palette that highlights the baby's bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks. The picture is taken from a close-up perspective using a DSLR camera, with emphasis on the baby's chubby arms and legs. The composition uses a horizontal line and balanced framing style, with inspiration from the innocent and playful nature of babies.
Prompt: Closeup face portrait of child girl, smooth soft skin, sharp eyes, beautiful intricate white hair, soft pink lips, symmetrical, anime wide blue eyes, soft lighting, detailed face, soft lighting, gently shy smile, detailed face, looking into camera, spaceship on the background
Prompt: Hunter Hearst Helmsely
Prompt: high definition photo portrait of an adorably cute 1 month old baby girl
Prompt: baby
Prompt: a baby with a normal face, smiling, business words, baby in a suit, nice black suit