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Width: 1165Height: 2071

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Prompt: HD 4k 3D, hyper realistic, professional modeling, enchanted Japanese Warrior Princess - San, strong, beautiful, magical, wolves, high fantasy background, detailed, highly realistic woman, elegant, ethereal, mythical, Greek goddess, surreal lighting, majestic, goddesslike aura, Annie Leibovitz style
Prompt: Woman and wolf in a moonlit forest, high-res, detailed photography, mystical, ethereal, dark tones, moonlit, detailed fur, intense gaze, mysterious atmosphere, dense foliage, moonlight casting shadows, misty, haunting, hauntingly beautiful, detailed eyes, mystical, professional photography
Prompt: "Craft an evocative digital artwork featuring Du'arthra, daughter of Lord Aelar, amidst the mystical realm of Irontree, infused with wolf imagery. Envision her amidst the untamed beauty of the Feywild, her medium skin tone glowing beneath the moonlit canopy of ancient trees. Render her with an athletic yet well-curved figure, exuding strength and vitality reminiscent of a prowling she-wolf. Portray her auburn hair flowing like a fiery mane, echoing the wild spirit of the wolf. Let her amber eyes gleam with the fierce intelligence and cunning of a predator, surveying her surroundings with a mixture of determination and mischief. Surround her with elements of nature and magic intertwined with wolf symbolism, such as swirling patterns of energy reminiscent of a wolf's howl, or ethereal wolf spirits running alongside her. Capture the essence of Du'arthra's untamed spirit and fierce independence, embodying the primal beauty of the wolf within the enchanted landscape of the Feywild."
Prompt: Klimt, Jody Bergsma, Jeannette Guichard-Bunel: mystical portrait of a woman with pale skin and dark hair embracing a large, realistic grey wolf. The background is an abstract forest of rich, deep greens and reds, possibly suggesting a forest or floral scene. The woman's attire and the wolf are adorned with ornate, gold-tinged patterns and elements reminiscent of steampunk or mechanical design, with gears and cogs. The overall composition combines elements of nature with intricate, mechanical designs, invoking a sense of magical realism.
Prompt: Closeup art photography capturing a pretty girl in the red cloak posing with the wolf in the dark forest. dark studio setting, professional digital painting, realistic painting by Robert McCall, Ornate, White, Commercial Card Stock photography
Prompt: woman , dark romance, dark theme, wolf, forest, dark three, hight quality, fantasy
Prompt: Detailed digital painting of a maiden with a wolf protector, medieval fantasy setting, mystical ambiance, moonlit night, high quality, intricate design, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: The beautiful Red Riding Hood is in love with the anthropomorphic Big white Winter wolf man , detailed, fern leaves, Snow, by artgerm, tom bagshaw, Megan duncanson, James Jean, shaun tan, madoka magica, by kay nielsen, embossing fairy tale, whimsical, trending on artstation. Super clear resolution, elegant beautiful, lovely, best quality, beautifully lit, vray tracing