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Gabriel Constantino Cortés López (Demydark)

Gabriel Constantino Cortés López (Demydark)


Mundo de realidad virtual estilo neon
Mundo de realidad virtual estilo neon [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 2106454951

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Prompt: boy with virtual reality headset
Prompt: woman connected to virtual reality, hyperrealistic, future, dancing in the metaverse, dark, ominous
Prompt: "In a future where AI has revolutionized the way we live, work, and communicate, a new form of entertainment has emerged: AI-assisted storytelling. In this world, AI algorithms analyze individual preferences, emotions, and past experiences to create personalized, immersive narratives in real-time. These stories unfold across various media, from interactive holographic displays to virtual reality simulations, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. As the audience becomes part of the story, they are faced with moral dilemmas, emotional challenges, and thrilling adventures tailored to their unique personalities. Explore a world where storytelling is no longer a passive experience but a deeply personal and interactive journey guided by AI."
Prompt: e.g. vr
Prompt: Background Image: Use a striking image of someone wearing a VR headset, immersed in the experience. If it's possible, opt for an image where light emanates from the headset, emphasizing the immersion. This will clearly communicate the central theme of the video.

4D Element: Integrate a 3D cube (representing the usual 3D we know) but then add a mysterious, glowing fourth dimension represented by a swirling, shimmering vortex or a spiral extending out from one side of the cube. This will emphasize the "4D" aspect.

Text Overlay:

Primary Text: Bold, large letters saying "LIVING IN" on the top left corner.
Secondary Text: Even larger, bolder, possibly in a metallic or futuristic font, the word "4D" below the primary text.
Ensure these texts are legible and contrast well against the background, possibly by adding a subtle shadow or outline.
Slogan: Below or near the "4D" text, in slightly smaller but still bold and eye-catching font, add the slogan: "Dive Deeper. Experience More."

Visual Highlights: Add slight design elements like tiny sparkling stars, tech lines, or digital matrix effects subtly overlaying parts of the image, giving a hint of the digital transformation and the future of tech.

Color Palette: Focus on futuristic colors - metallic blues, neon greens, and deep purples. These colors often signify tech and future.

Border: Consider a thin neon border to make the thumbnail pop against YouTube's white background.
Prompt: a person wearing vr goggles, futuristic landscape scene in front of them, black background, landscape scene expanding outwards from the head, illustration style, orange and pink colour scheme
Prompt: Someone immersed in a VR headset exploring a digital landscape.
Prompt: people are crazy for VR set cartoon