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Arijit Ghoshal

Arijit Ghoshal


A small boat in front of a huge wave on an ocean in an alien planet with one huge moon and two smaller moons
A small boat in front of a huge wave on an ocean in an alien planet with one huge moon and two sm... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 706721583

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Prompt: paint a picture like van gogh but it is a wall of futuristic technology scattered in a night ocean with the moon reflecting on the surface and in the sky
Prompt: A moonlit shore where waves whisper secrets of the deep. Picture an ocean aglow with bioluminescence, painting waves in hues of azure and cobalt. 

Let the vivid blues guide your imagination, revealing hidden stories and mysteries beneath the surface. Embark on a journey to capture the essence of azure blue luminescence.

hyper realistic, 8K --s99500, unreal engine, crystal clear.
Prompt: Hyper-realistic , imaginary inhabited planet, high resolution, hyper-realistic, sci-fi, detailed textures, atmospheric lighting, immersive, otherworldly beauty, high waves, surreal, digital painting,
Prompt: Jules Verne captain Nemo's Boat on the moon
Prompt: In the middle of a vast ocean, at night, in the dark, without any light except moonlight, old photographs, realistic images.
Prompt: Envision a majestic scene where the timeless and the futuristic collide: an ancient sailing ship, its sails billowed by the relentless sea breeze, navigates through the tumultuous waves of a vast ocean. This vessel, a relic of a bygone era, is not alone in its journey. Hovering above it, in stark contrast to its ancient design, is an Imperial Star Destroyer from a far-off galaxy, its imposing silhouette cutting a sharp line against the backdrop of a star-filled night sky.

Beneath the celestial tapestry, where the full moon casts its ethereal glow upon the waters, these two vessels from vastly different worlds and times share a silent, surreal rendezvous. The Star Destroyer, with its advanced technology and interstellar might, floats ominously, yet it does not disturb the ship's passage. Instead, it watches over the ancient mariner like a guardian from the stars, bridging the gap between the age of sail and the age of space exploration.

This scene is a vivid tableau of fantasy and reality merging, inviting the observer to ponder stories of intertemporal encounters and the universal drive for exploration. It is a testament to humanity's enduring spirit of adventure, capturing the imagination with the possibility of what lies beyond our own world and time. The juxtaposition of the sailing ship and the Star Destroyer creates a powerful image of mankind's journey from the wooden decks of ocean-bound vessels to the command bridges of starships navigating the cosmic sea.
Prompt: The Crimson Tides: A stretch of sea where the waters are tinged with a deep red hue, giving rise to its ominous name. The Crimson Tides are said to be cursed, with ships that enter never returning. Some whisper that the tides are a gateway to the realm of the undead, where vengeful spirits await unsuspecting sailors.
Prompt: Neptune using trident smashing against waves, photorealism, evening sunset, ocean front view, detailed water effects, realistic facial features, evening light reflections, divine power, dynamic action, high quality, photorealism, detailed waves, vibrant sunset colors, oceanic atmosphere