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Prompt: Realistic acrylic painting of a snowy night, moonlit pine trees, serene winter landscape, detailed snow texture, peaceful atmosphere, high quality, realistic style, moonlit scene, acrylic painting, snowy setting, serene, detailed pine trees, peaceful mood, nighttime, winter landscape, moon, detailed snow, tranquil, moonlit, detailed, serene, snowy, realistic, acrylic, peaceful, tranquil, detailed snow texture, high quality
Prompt: Diamond blizzard over a snowy landscape in pastel
Prompt: Diamond blizzard over a snowy landscape in acrylic
Prompt: Wintry pastel sunset landscape painting, Studio Ghibli style, snowy trees, soft pastel colors, dreamy atmosphere, detailed snow texture, tranquil and serene, high quality, oil painting, winter wonderland, whimsical, peaceful, snowy landscape, soft lighting, tranquil setting, detailed brushwork, scenic beauty, deer eating on the ground