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futuristic cyberpunk girl wearing silver angel armor and silver vr helmet
futuristic cyberpunk girl wearing silver angel... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1456Height: 816
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Prompt: woman connected to virtual reality, hyperrealistic, future, dancing in the metaverse, dark, ominous
Prompt: virtual reality, cyber girl, liquid metal, finely detailed, 4k, 8k, unreal engine, octane render
Prompt: a designer with a futuristic headwear mask, where the body matches the design and style of the head, without visible hands, in the style of cubo-futurism, retrowave, high-resolution photography, quirky cartoonish characters, sculpture-based photography, dark orange and turquoise in wide ratio
Prompt: digital illustration of a person with VR glasses experimenting with the virtual world pastel colors
Prompt: an augmented female with a transparent suit with visible skin, with futuristic glasses,
portrait, Long shot, wide angle, 24mm lens, implants, high details, realistic , dark lighting, professionally colour graded, photorealism, 8k
Prompt: futuristic cyberpunk girl wearing silver angel armor and silver vr helmet
Prompt: Create a hyper-realistic macro photograph of a female figure with cyberpunk aesthetics. The image should mimic the shallow depth of field typical of macro photography, with sharp focus on the details of her face, like the textures of her skin and the reflections in her futuristic sunglasses. The background should be a blurred neon cityscape, indicative of a cyberpunk environment. The lighting should be soft and natural, highlighting the intricate designs on her face or accessories. The colors should have the rich but slightly muted tones of a raw photograph, with particular attention to the realism of the skin tones and the play of light on metallic surfaces.
Prompt: Create a wide image that simulates a macro photograph of a woman with a cyberpunk style, wearing glasses, lounging on a floating planet. The scene should have realistic, hyper-detailed features with a focus on textures that suggest liquid metal. The portrait should capture intricate details as seen in macro photography, with a clear emphasis on the textures of the woman's attire and the reflective qualities of her glasses. The background should include floating planets with a luminous, reflective quality, but rendered with a shallow depth of field to ensure the woman remains the central, sharply focused subject. The lighting should be precise and detailed, highlighting the micro textures and creating a contrast between light and shadow that is characteristic of macro photography.