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Jetsada Wijit

Jetsada Wijit


galaxy fallen and cloud thunder theme apocollype
galaxy fallen and cloud thunder theme apocollype [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 920089136

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Prompt: mystic, magical galaxy background
Prompt: "Beautiful colorful space pictures taken by the Hubble telescope."
"Viewed from a distance. Space clouds made of fire and lightning. Viewed from a vast distance."
"Epic in scope and scale."
"Hyper detailed digital matte painting, concept art, hyperrealism, 16k resolution, Cinema 4D, 8k resolution, trending on artstation, behance HD, maximalist, a masterpiece, by Stephan Martini"
"Art of Illusion, Artrift, finalRender, Flickr, IMAX, Polycount, r/Art, shadow depth, Sketchfab, Sketchlab, Substance Designer, VRay, depth of field, subtractive lighting, panorama, 3DEXCITE, 3Delight, 3D shading"
"In the style of Beeple, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Bernie Wrightson, Gerald Brom, Tom Bagshaw, Pino Daeni, Canaletto, James Gurney and Steven Belledin, Klaudia Gaugier"
Prompt: fire and water and air in the middle with galaxy and golden rings in the middle as well ultra realistic neon colors
Prompt: Create a realistic gorgeous nebula that is blue, green and purple. Add a cyan aurora around it
Prompt: mystic, magical galaxy background
Prompt: mystic, magical galaxy background
Prompt: univers dragon stars nebulas  most reality heigh quality more details cinematic background
Prompt: space vapor
Prompt: Colorful and intricate galactic nebula, swirling clouds of gas and dust, illuminated by the light of newborn stars, high quality, detailed, digital art, cosmic, vibrant colors, space fantasy, intricate patterns, cosmic clouds, luminous stars, ethereal lighting