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Ayesha Saleem

Ayesha Saleem


Create an Afghan woman
Create an Afghan woman [more]
Model: RealVisXL V4.0
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 10Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1665310589

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Prompt: Produce a passport-style photograph featuring a Afghani woman in her late 20s, positioned directly facing the camera, set against a neutral background, conforming to standard passport photo guidelines.
Prompt: close up, portrait one Bedouin handsome woman wander trough a heavy sandstorm. the sun creates rays trough the particles and sand dust. sharp focus. sand. storm. desert. colorful. strong winds. eye contact. 4k realistic photo
Prompt: Afghan woman
Prompt: Kurdish girl in traditional clothing, vibrant and warm color palette, detailed embroidery on clothing, flowing and ornate headscarf, golden hour lighting, traditional rural setting, high quality, detailed, cultural, warm tones, embroidered details, traditional attire, golden hour lighting, rural landscape
Prompt: Generate a 4K image of a babe face that is a blend of Moroccan and Palestinian features, crying. The design should show the faces welded together, symbolizing unity and shared emotion. The expression should convey deep emotion, with tears streaming down the cheeks. Incorporate cultural and ethnic characteristics from both Moroccan and Palestinian identities in the facial features and attire. The background can be simple and muted to highlight the emotional impact and cultural significance of the image.