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Zs T

Zs T


paint jett from valorant updrafting with throwing knifes ready in disney style on the breeze map
paint jett from valorant updrafting with throwi... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE KarrasSeed: 660613538
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Prompt: paint jett character from valorant updrafting with throwing knifes ready in disney style on the breeze map
Prompt: Chainsaw man
Prompt: retro futuristic soviet silk screen pulp fiction fantasy comic book cover, a dark chesnut haired sorcerer very short slicked back pompadour undercut hair, mage, tall and willowy and pretty, soft freckles, big large green eyes, wizard, intricate emerald and green robe, wearing round retro shades with green lenses, old fashioned emerald sunglasses, iron palace gray metal, landscape beautiful pine forest, Carne Griffiths, Michael Garmash, Frank Frazetta, Castle Background, Victo Ngai, Detailed, Vibrant, Sharp Focus, Character Design, Wlop, Kuvshinov, TXAA, 32k, Highly Detailed, Dynamic Pose, Intricate Motifs, Organic Tracery, Perfect Composition, Digital Painting, Artstation, Smooth, Sharp Focus, Illustration, hyperdetailed, greg rutkowski
Prompt: Collect reference images of Jett from Valorant, paying attention to her in-game model, character splash art, and promotional material. Note details like her costume, weapon skins, facial features, and pose.
Create a rough sketch of Jett on your canvas. Pay attention to proportions, stance, and overall pose. Sketch in the details of her outfit, hairstyle, and facial features. Ensure that the sketch captures the essence of Jett's personality and agility.
Prompt: Cyberpunk male with tattoos, strong apocalyptic, swords, guns, axes, anatomical, dark, gothic, mech, hazardous waste, green, blue, orange, emo, trees
Prompt: <mymodel> Cartoon character of a Bboy wearing  Got'em Designs streetwear  tshirt and baggie pants
Prompt: Portrait of a beautiful cute strong brave female gnome engineer, textured undercut black hair, in the style of Aerie, hyperrealism, highly detailed, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, digital painting, HQ, artstation hq, behance hd