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Thomas Reynolds

Thomas Reynolds

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Prompt: contemporary architecture inspired by slavic traditional art, hyper realistic illustration,row house,four stroies
Prompt: Urban modern narrow three family home, photorealism, detailed architecture, realistic lighting, urban setting, contemporary design, narrow building, three floors, modern materials, urban landscape, high quality, realistic, detailed, photorealistic, contemporary style, city lights, realistic shadows, professional craftsmanship, detailed windows, sleek and modern
Prompt: A full black colured house with sat written on it
Prompt: Tiny modern small house, narrow house, contrast accent, front gable end, highres, detailed, photo-realistic, bright contrast, conceptual art, realistic lighting, misc-architectural, detailed architecture, narrow design, modern, small scale, front gable, bright and realistic, high-quality, unique concept
Prompt: small modern house with beautiful garden is being poured by rain