25 Midjourney Background Prompts

When using Midjourney for AI-generated art, the precision of prompts plays a pivotal role in shaping the final image. Crafting a detailed prompt enriched with specifics is essential for guiding the AI to produce visuals that resonate with the desired theme and atmosphere.

In this article, we will look at Midjourney prompts, that you can also use in OpenArt, to help you generate backgrounds that are visually appealing.

Midjourney Background Prompts

Here are 25 generic prompts for Midjourney background generation:

  1. Lavish Renaissance Ballroom: A grand ballroom from the Renaissance era, opulently decorated with golden chandeliers, ornate tapestries, and a vast marble floor reflecting the intricate frescoes on the ceiling, conveying a sense of historical luxury and splendor.
  2. Ancient Desert Caravan at Sunset: A serene desert landscape at sunset, with a caravan of camels and traders silhouetted against the fiery sky, the sands glowing warmly, embodying the timeless journey through vast, whispering dunes.
  3. Highland Misty Moor at Dawn: A cold, misty morning on a highland moor, the landscape shrouded in a thick fog that partially reveals rugged hills and sparse vegetation, evoking a sense of isolation and raw natural beauty.
  4. Deep Space Nebula Vista: A breathtaking view of a colorful nebula in deep space, with swirling clouds of gas and dust illuminated by the brilliant light of newborn stars, creating a dynamic and awe-inspiring cosmic scene.
  5. Medieval Castle Siege: A dramatic scene of a medieval castle under siege, with catapults launching fiery projectiles, soldiers clashing, and smoke rising against a stormy sky, capturing the chaos and intensity of historical warfare.
  6. Frozen Arctic Landscape with Aurora: A serene Arctic landscape, with icebergs and frozen tundra under a mesmerizing display of the Aurora Borealis, the colors dancing in the sky reflecting off the icy surfaces, creating a surreal and pristine environment.
  7. Majestic Waterfall in a Tropical Rainforest: A towering waterfall cascading into a crystal-clear pool, surrounded by the lush greenery of a tropical rainforest, the air filled with the mist and roar of the falling water, symbolizing nature's power and beauty.
  8. Old West Ghost Town at High Noon: An abandoned ghost town in the Old West, with dusty buildings and deserted streets under the harsh noon sun, evoking a sense of forgotten history and eerie desolation.
  9. Gothic Cathedral Ruins by Moonlight: The haunting beauty of Gothic cathedral ruins bathed in moonlight, with towering arches and shattered stained glass windows, creating a scene of decayed grandeur and silent reverence.
  10. Ornate Victorian Greenhouse: An ornate Victorian greenhouse, filled with exotic plants and blooming flowers, the sunlight filtering through glass panels illuminating the intricate metalwork and lush vegetation, embodying a sanctuary of Victorian botanical fascination.
  11. Sleek Cybernetic City at Dusk: A sleek, cybernetic cityscape at dusk, with towering skyscrapers glowing with neon lights, reflective surfaces creating a maze of light and shadow, showcasing a future of technological advancement and urban complexity.
  12. Enchanted Forest Clearing at Night: A mystical clearing in an enchanted forest, illuminated by the glow of fireflies and magical luminescence, ancient trees casting long shadows, creating a secretive and magical atmosphere.
  13. Apocalyptic Cityscape with Overgrown Nature: An apocalyptic cityscape where nature has reclaimed the ruins, with vines and trees growing over crumbling buildings, a fusion of urban decay and resilient natural growth.
  14. Sunken Shipwreck Under the Sea: The mysterious realm of a sunken shipwreck under the sea, surrounded by curious marine life, the play of light through water revealing the eerie beauty of the underwater grave.
  15. Rooftop Garden Oasis in a Megacity: A lush rooftop garden oasis amidst a bustling megacity, offering a peaceful retreat with blooming flowers, verdant plants, and a panoramic view of the urban skyline.
  16. Ancient Temple in a Jungle: An ancient temple hidden in a dense jungle, its stone ruins entwined with roots and vines, shrouded in mist, suggesting centuries of secrets and the persistence of nature.
  17. Luxurious 1920s Speakeasy Lounge: A luxurious speakeasy lounge from the 1920s, with plush velvet seating, dim lighting, jazz music filling the air, and an aura of clandestine glamour.
  18. Space Colony on a Distant Planet: A futuristic space colony on a distant planet, with domed habitats, advanced technology, and a backdrop of alien landscapes, symbolizing human exploration and settlement in space.
  19. Haunted Victorian Manor in a Thunderstorm: A haunted Victorian manor, its dark silhouette set against a stormy sky with lightning, the decrepit structure and overgrown grounds suggesting tales of mystery and horror.
  20. Art Nouveau Cafe in Springtime: An Art Nouveau cafe in springtime, with elegant floral motifs, curving lines, and patrons enjoying the ambiance of a bygone era, surrounded by blooming flowers and gentle sunlight.
  21. Rugged Mountain Retreat at Sunset: A rugged mountain retreat, isolated and serene, with the setting sun casting golden light on the peaks and valleys, creating a tranquil and majestic atmosphere perfect for contemplation and connection with nature.
  22. Futuristic Orbital Space Station: A state-of-the-art orbital space station, with sleek designs and panoramic windows overlooking the Earth, embodying the pinnacle of human ingenuity and the spirit of exploration in the vastness of space.
  23. Sun-kissed Mediterranean Seaside Town: A charming Mediterranean seaside town bathed in the warm glow of the sunset, with colorful buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, and the peaceful sound of waves, encapsulating the idyllic and relaxed coastal life.
  24. Lively Carnival Street Parade: A vibrant street scene during a carnival parade, filled with dancers in colorful costumes, rhythmic music, and the joyous energy of celebration, capturing the cultural richness and festive spirit of the event.
  25. Tranquil Zen Garden at Twilight: A tranquil Zen garden at twilight, with meticulously raked sand, smooth stones, and a gentle stream, under a fading sky, providing a serene and contemplative space that embodies the principles of harmony and simplicity.

How To Create Background Prompts

To create effective background prompts for generating images, you can follow these steps:

  1. Set the Scene: Describe the overall setting or environment, such as a cityscape, forest, or interior space, to establish the context of the background.
  2. Specify Details: Include specific elements like buildings, trees, furniture, or weather conditions to add realism and depth to the background.
  3. Define the Atmosphere: Use adjectives to convey the mood or atmosphere, like "misty," "sunset," or "abandoned," to help set the emotional tone of the background.
  4. Incorporate Lighting and Perspective: Mention the light source, time of day, and perspective (e.g., bird’s-eye view, ground level) to enhance the depth and realism of the background.
  5. Add Textural Elements: Describe textures and materials present in the background, like "rough stone walls," "glistening water," or "rustling leaves," to create a more immersive and detailed image.

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  • Advanced Customization with ControlNet: Utilize ControlNet technology on OpenArt for precise control over poses and outlines, enabling more accurate guidance for AI-driven image generation.
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