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a hipster skateboarder girl on a street in tokyo, realistic, futuristic, 4K, in the background the metaverse, neon, in the style of Andy warhol, vibrant pastels
a hipster skateboarder girl on a street in toky... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 664763703
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Prompt: Cyberpunk Edgerunners
Prompt: Make him a 1/2 human cyborg, Cyberpunk style, a cool guy with regular skin tone. Bright and colorful anime look. Add a background.
Prompt: Large cyberpunk skyscraper, colourful neon signs, streets filled with people, foggy atmosphere, style of Blade Runner
Prompt: abstract cyberpunk city, purple style, at night, teenage girl walking on street, streetlamp, 8k, trending on artstation
Prompt: pixel art of a man drinking a cup of coffee in cyberpunk city by artgerm and Greg Rutkowski, unreal engine, full of colour, cinematic lighting, trending on artstation, 4 k, hyperrealistic, focused, extreme details, unreal engine 5, cinematic, masterpiece
Prompt: HDR, UHD, high res, 64k, cinematic lighting, special effects, hd octane render, professional photograph, trending on artstation
hong kong city street, bright vibrant pink foam is all over the street,Soap foam,uv foam,foam party,exquisite detail 4k,artstation, (realistic:1.5),ultra-detailed, masterpiece,hyper detailed, ultra sharp, trending on artstation, stock photo, colorful, ornate, intricate, digital painting, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, 8k, photorealistic, art by luis royo
Prompt: cyberpunk tokyo, Street Art, Graffiti Style, Bold, Digital Painting, Urban, Edgy, Colorful, 8K, Intricate Details illuminated by a neon sunset, by Alex Konstad, Tatsuya Ishida, and Patrick Brown, dramatic lighting, hyper-realistic details, with digital painting techniques, trending on Artstation, cinematic cinematic lighting. Girl looking up at the lights.
Prompt: Sikh girl cyberpunk neon light
Prompt: painting of a woman, nighttime, city street, galaxy, soft light, pastel colors, muted color scheme, art, painting, sweet, fireflies  cyberpunk
Prompt: extreme long shot of a pretty woman in tokyo, hyperrealistic, futuristic, 4K, in the background the metaverse, neon, in the style of Andy warhol
Prompt: art of digital color pixelart by adam roe, in the style of lilia alvarado, digital neon, daz3d, vivid shades, jakub różalski, backlight, vibrant palette
Prompt: a  career woman on a street in tokyo, realistic, futuristic, 4K, in the background the metaverse, neon, in the style of Andy warhol, vibrant pastels
Prompt: a transgender woman in japan, looking at the camera, realistic, futuristic, 4K, in the background the metaverse, neon, in the style of Andy warhol, vibrant pastels, very colorful
Prompt: 4k. Focused. Gorgeous. black and neon killer lady. Russian. Switchblade weapon. Beautiful. Deadly.. Full body. Accurate. realistic. evil eyes. Slow exposure. Detailed. Dirty. Dark and gritty. Post-apocalyptic Neo Tokyo .Futuristic. Shadows. Armed. Fanatic. Intense.
Prompt: Logo for online anime computer accessory shop: “Futuristic anime tech landscape with playful elements. Media: Digital Painting. Style: Cyberpunk. Reference artist: Masamune Shirow. Descriptive words: Neon, Sleek, Energetic, Edgy, Luminous.”
Prompt: Vivid Neon Colors, Portrait Photo of a Man Superhero, Long shot, action scene, highly detailed, intricate detail, Cityscape, highly detailed
Prompt: "Rainy Tokyo Cyberpunk night :: Anime styled :: Stark contrast :: Full portrait :: 8k resolution concept art portrait :: Dynamic lighting :: Hyperdetailed :: Intricately detailed Splash art :: Trending on Artstation :: Triadic colors :: Unreal Engine 5 :: Volumetric lighting :: Photorealism ::"
Prompt: Futuristic Boy standing on neon building wearing mask and hoodie looking over the massive cyberpunk city of Tokyo
Prompt: programmers creating hughe AI system, cyberpunk style
Prompt: ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), hd octane render,A girl wearing fancy street wear, tokyo, neon light, centered, intricate, highly detailed, breathtaking beauty, precise lineart, vibrant, comprehensive cinematic , Conrad Roset,,Carne Griffiths, 8k, oil painting, cinematic lighting, best quality, highres, dynamic pose SMILE, african
Prompt: super fine detail, hyper-realistic, 8k Ultra-realistic, ultra high definition, Ultra realistic, natural lighting, cinematic lighting, cinematic shadows, high quality, fine-tuned, realistic, ultra-high resolution, composition, upscale image, face paint, skull face paint, blacklight paint, neon, cyberpunk, neon city cuber punk background, cyberpunk geisha.
Prompt: Cyberpunk 2077 background
Prompt: Cyber punk woman , wearing headphones, walking in a cyberpunk city, colorful, neon, night time,
Prompt: As you step into the time machine, you are transported back to the year 2000, the height of the Y2K era. The world around you is filled with a unique aesthetic that blends futuristic technology with a touch of nostalgia. Neon colors, metallic materials, and futuristic patterns dominate the landscape. Everywhere you look, you see people wearing crop tops, low-rise pants, and platform shoes. The music blaring from nearby clubs is a mix of electronic beats and pop melodies, creating a sound that is both futuristic and retro. You feel as though you have stepped into a time capsule, experiencing the Y2K aesthetic in all its glory.
Prompt: illustration photographic masterpiece best quality extreme hyper detailed flat color 2D anime girl walking, very wide angle, looking from below, sunshine, raytracing, dramatic lighting, volumetric lighting, cinematic lighting, grim yet sparkling atmosphere, hyper detailed precise pencil strokes, hyper detailed precise pencil outlines, 2D vector art, album cover art, wallpaper art, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, post-processing, epic composition,