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A combination of a dumbbell and a plate of healthy food, representing the two main components of a healthy lifestyle: exercise and diet. A person with a fit and healthy physique, representing the desired outcome of the channel's content. A checkmark or other symbol of success, representing the channel's ability to help viewers achieve their fitness goals. A combination of the words "exercise," "diet," and "fitness" in a creative and visually appealing way
A combination of a dumbbell and a plate of heal... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1009422202
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Prompt: no shirt body builder clear body cart
Prompt: Handsome Realistic Bodybuilder
Prompt: A giant muscular model bodybuilder fills the room, dwarfing the other 5 men
Prompt: muscle boy in the gym
Prompt: Extremely muscular hunk. 8 feet tall handsome wide shoulders v taper bulge hung four arms
Prompt: Asian young nerd muscular military special force soldier handle two 50kg dumbbell on his hands with his bodybuilder friend on gym. 190cm tall, aesthetic muscle mass of arm and leg, huge deltoid & biceps & triceps & ten pack abs & forearm & back & shoulder & thigh. He wear a glasses, also has a aesthenic mustache & chin on his face. His arm & chest muscle, hand, foot is bigger than head and face. Many hair in his chest, armpit, finger, toe, arm, abs, leg.
Prompt: make six pack and bicep
Prompt: muscular handsome man photo in gym
Prompt: A really muscular guy
Prompt: a lion in gym with six pack
Prompt: muscular handsome young boy photo in gym
Prompt: giant bodybuilder muscular male
Prompt: muscular handsome man photo in gym
Prompt: KARA BOĞA, buff, dark skinned male, gym.
Prompt: Muscular tall giant hung flexing hyper muscular tall bodybuilder