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Made by: Anime character
Character: Short,white hair,one yellow eye,one red eyeStyle: StandardExpression: Short,white hair,one yellow eye,one red eye
Width: 512Height: 512
Seed: 1813731632

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Prompt: (masterpiece, illustration, best quality:1.2), 1girl,
short yellow hair, hair between eyes, red eyes, school uniform,  soft white hair with purple stripes, mean face, best quality face, best quality, best quality skin, best quality eyes, best quality lips, ultra-detailed eyes, ultra-detailed hair, ultra-detailed, illustration, colorful, night, space, soft glow, profile picture,
Prompt: black background,

 icon, sticker, decal, avatar, logo, 

illustration icon, black background,

illustration art, 2D illustration art,2D vector art,

masterpiece best quality chibi killua character icon illustration, white hair, cartoon, chibi emote,

illustration minimalism, vector,

by Pu Hua, anime still frame,

Hunter X Hunter , 

centered, white margin border,
Prompt: Zaley 1female (white hair) (white demon horns) young kid, 10 years old
Prompt: Tartaglia :: 4 Short Orange hair :: 5 Blue eyes :: 5 Wearing silver and grey clothing with a red scarf :: 5 Sitting on a throne :: 4 Wearing a crown :: 4 Smug expression :: 5
Prompt: a psycho killer
Prompt: white hair, man, long hair, ponytail, no emotion face, red eyes, Dark Circles Under the Eyes
Prompt: girl baby white hair red eyes
Prompt: a girl, ((dark armor)), lifeless red eyes, (dark cape), (freckles), underground, (dark atmosphere), ((long white hair), lifeless look on her face, ((conjuring dark magic in one hand)), looking at viewer, (((detailed face))), ((short and spiky brown hair)), fiery red eyes, (fire), highly detailed, digital painting, HDRI, masterpiece, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, golden ratio, half body shot
Prompt: Half body portrait of an adult female monk warrior with extremely long and messy hair. She has white hair with black tips, pale white skin like snow, bright fiery red eyes with black pupils. She has a sly smile and a psychotic look. She has a feminine face, dark clean eyeliner. Her torso is wrapped up in white bandages. She has black flower tattoos completely covering both arms. The scenery is a lush green forest.
Prompt: Male (short pure white hair) 8k, UHD, smiling, happy