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Digital art, ((black)) rogue gear, ((black)) adventurer armor, Medium build, slightly broad-shouldered, (((DreamShaper Version 1))), Berk of How to Train Your Dragon, 35-year old viking pregnant woman, small smile, red hair, cornrow braids, blue eyes, ((black gear, black armor,)) unreal engine, 8k octane, 3d lighting, full body, full armor
Digital art, ((black)) rogue gear, ((black)) ad... [more]

Negative prompt

loves puns, cross-eyed, double eyes, extra eyes, extra fingers, red gear, blue gear, illustration, painting, drawing, art, sketch, deformed, ugly, mutilated, disfigured, text, extra limbs, face cut, head cut, extra fingers, extra arms, poorly drawn face, mutation, bad proportions, cropped head, malformed limbs, mutated hands, fused fingers, long neck
loves puns, cross-eyed, double eyes, extra eyes... [more]
Model: Realistic Vision V5.1
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 715576325
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