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Prompt: Youth Mafia, american Girl, 16, sewer, wielding a knife, evil, charismatic, brown hair, pale Skin, leather jacket, top
Prompt: A girl in shorts and a blue shirt rides a sports motorbike, her hair fluttering in the wind, very nice stunning girl, pretty face
Prompt: beautiful female, crossed legs, black sheer pantyhose, model, white converse, pose, detailed, 8k, 16:9
Prompt: Show me who is beside of me now 4k ultra HD
Prompt: Photo realistic portrait of a woman, 30 years old, black long straight healthy hair, thick eyebrows, black eyes, she is looking at the camera, she is on the right side of the frame, she is wearing a red t-shirt, she has a light smile without teeth
Prompt: Masterpiece, exquisite, elegant little woman, model level, very beautiful, standard body, perfect face, standard facial features, cold, big eyes, long legs, shirt, jeans, ocean, sea, beach, vast, dark blue, marine ecosystem, aquatic field, endless waters, endless horizon, vast ocean, majestic ocean, sunset, dusk, evening sky, twilight, sunset, 16k, high quality, F2.8, 200mm
Prompt: Attractive obese Caucasian woman with long brown hair and brown eyes, wearing white t-shirt and jeans, photorealistic
Prompt: 4k resolution, HDR pictures, masterpiece, high resolution, highly detailed pictures, high quality pictures, perfectly drawn objects, perfectly drawn face, a masterpiece of mastering of art perfect drawing, and a girl, t shirt, skirt, sit on the car, parking lot, sunset, wet skin, neon lights
Prompt: Close up photorealism portrait of a girl in a bar, sitting at the bar with a glass of wine, bartender wiping dishes in the background, cigarette smoke, short dress,Dynamic pose, high detail, symmetrical, digital painting Alessio Albi,perfect body, perfect hands, 4k resolution, studio photography