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Driver's license
Driver's license [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 616
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1557574224

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Prompt: a girl in car and work with laptop
Prompt: make a credit card to cash advertisment
Prompt: Driving a coffee
Prompt: photorealistic waist up shot of a young businesswoman, ((beautiful)), brunette, dark jacket, indoor, HDR, 4k, bright room
Prompt: men taking driving license course in Malaysia
Prompt: a credit card with cash back benefits
Prompt: real estate agent
Prompt: You're on a long flight and feel a headache coming on. You pull out your acupressure headband from your carry-on bag and inflate it to the desired pressure level. The targeted pressure on your acupressure points immediately starts to alleviate your headache.
Prompt: happy family in a car
Prompt: a freckled young woman is frustrated, soaking wet, sitting on a curb in the rain and hiding a dirty secret, holding in her shame is causing her severe emotional distress and physical discomfort,
Prompt: (realistic photo, professional photo) hot beautiful female model with brown hair, blue eyes, and a great body
Prompt: beautiful photo realistic brunette women dentist, smiling, white, staring at camera, blue eyes, in good shape,  doctor's coat, full body,  detailed!!!, perfect smile, at dentist room, led roof light, 8k, lens focus.
Prompt: Salesman handsome
Prompt: Car mechanic in blue overall inspecting headlight
Prompt: side view on webcam girl who is sitting in front of laptop
Prompt: Lab coat chemist lady cute attractive
Prompt: customer
Prompt: received medical treatment during a car jacking