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teenage boy wearing a pink hoodie
teenage boy wearing a pink hoodie [more]
Model: Realistic Vision V5.1 (Inpaint)
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1395457935
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Prompt: A human doing a back flip with big muscles
Prompt: teenage boy wearing a green polo t-shirt with yellow stripes
Prompt: aesthetic film still of a Man jumping into a s pile of cyan oil gleaming in the sun glass, slow motion
Prompt: orange-haired girl at an aquarium, running happily away from the camera, while looking back and holding out her hand towards the camera. The girl is wearing a brightly colored outfit, reflecting her cheerful and energetic personality. The aquarium is bustling with activity, with crowds of people and families gathered around various exhibits. The lighting inside the aquarium is dim, with the tanks and exhibits illuminated with colorful lights that highlight the underwater creatures. In the background, one can see the silhouette of a giant whale swimming in a massive tank, surrounded by schools of fish. The girl's face is filled with joy and wonder as she explores the aquarium, her hair flowing behind her as she runs. The image captures the sense of awe and excitement that comes with exploring the mysteries of the underwater world
Prompt: masterpiece, best quality, highly detailed,1girl, short hair, outdoors, pink_hair, {{facing viewer}}, sunglasses, headphones, parted lips, tank top, short shorts,looking at viewer, plunging neckline, city, cityscape, building, scenery, skyscraper, city_lights, architecture, bridge, rooftop, sky, cloud, skyline, east_asian_architecture, outdoors, real_world_location, tokyo_\(city\), street,
Prompt: A woman jumps off a bridge
Prompt: Asian muscular young highschool swimming athlete student lift his armpit hair with bodybuilding posed with his bodybuilder friend on gym. 180cm tall, aesthetic muscle mass of arm and leg, huge deltoid & biceps & triceps & forearm & back & shoulder & thigh. He wear a glasses, also has a aesthenic mustache & chin on his face. His arm & chest muscle is bigger than head and face. Many hair in his chest, armpit, finger, toe, arm, abs, leg.
Prompt: A guy trying to reach a slice of pizza but we put it on top of a 100ft tall building so he can't get it haha
Prompt: teenage boy in a light blue hoodie
Prompt: drag queen mr rogers on trampoline
Prompt: boy with grey hoodie
Prompt: teenage boy wearing a yellow speedo
Prompt: human falling from a sky scrapper
Prompt: a little girl playing with a lego block in the lego world, cloud and sky, sunshine, block toy
Prompt: David goggins hanging from a milion Meter cliff
Prompt: super girl flying over city, full body shot, symmetrical perfect face, (realistic breast), perfect body, perfect Bright eyes with highlights, cinematic scene, highly detailed, professionally retouched
Prompt: In this photorealistic image, a stunning Japanese woman with braided hair and a stunning body, aged 33, is crouching next to a miniature city that is 1/4 the size of her immense stature. The tiny city is packed with doll-sized people, cars, buildings, , and the landscape surrounding it is also reduced to 1/4 of its normal size, creating an otherworldly feel. The woman's intricate and colorful outfit contrasts with the earthy tones of the miniature landscape and the tiny train, while the attention to detail is extraordinary, with even the tiniest of textures perfectly rendered in high resolution.

Camera: Close-up shot
Camera lens: Macro lens
View: Front view

Render: Highly detailed, high resolution, hyper detailed, HDR
Lighting: Natural light, soft light
Color: Bright colors, vivid colors, fantasy vivid colors, hyperrealism, ultra realistic, ultra detailed
Prompt: 5 20,000 foot tall bodybuilders flexing among city buildings
Prompt: walter junior doing a backflip
Prompt: strong Asian female with 6 pack abs in bikini
Prompt: (Hyperrealistic highly detailed sharp full body photography of ebonian martial artist woman doing a flying kick) strong-willed, deeply focused, skilled, athletic, strong, agile, fast. Perfect body. Sweat. Jump. Kick. (Flying kick stance). Traditional clothes. Old, tribal training ground. Broken wooden training dummies. Dark night. Dim light. Traditional. Kung-fu. Remanent Speed effect. Anatomically correct. Perfect body.
Prompt: A young brunette woman wearing a leather outfit performing a skateboard flip trick on a street sidewalk