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((By Jabari Khalfani))
((By Jabari Khalfani)) [more]
Model: Absolute Reality V1.6
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1683706948

Original image

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Prompt: Vera Sidika wears black leather knee boots
Prompt: High quality picture and very detailed Nicki Minaj wearing Versace in a shooting  by Wes Anderson
Prompt: Cardi. B, portrait, Hyper realistic
Prompt: ((By Jabari Khalfani))
Prompt: Please create a painting , photorealist , realistic , highres, ultra detailed, 8k, uhd, ((black woman [gmazzeo], solo, happy, red eyes, medieval dress, perfect body, extra long hair, black hair, medium see-through):1.2), (fullbody view:1.4),
Prompt: realistic portrait of queen Rozonda Thomas, 95mm lens, f8, high-definition, photo, natural light, professional, full body, exotic jewels, symmetric, ultra details, sitting in throne
Prompt: HD photo of a beautiful black  curvy woman with pink braided hair  in bondage, wearing black leather lingerie, laying on her back, in a  BDSM bedroom, polyamory flag on the wall and a beautiful black man, with a whip in his hand
Prompt: monochrome, nicki minaj, detailed face, beautiful face, hijab, evil priest, black robe, thick tribal neck rings, long neck
Prompt: lovely innocent curvy and attractive 28 years old african girl lovely face cut wearing maroon reveling transparent party gown modeling look with glowing lips
Prompt: dark skin girl with long messy very dark hair, posing in front of matte black background, wearing a loose open red hoodie, black latex crop top with open shoulders, big bust, posing with right hand behind head, arced back with chest jutting out
Prompt: Nicki Minaj as barbie
Prompt: Psyker, perfect composition, {25 year old}, lean {west african woman}, wearing futuristic {white future tech robes}, {long brunette and black hair}, {hazel eyes}, peak fitness, determined expression, confident smirk, looking at viewer, 8k eyes, detailed symmetrical face, real, alive, real skin textures, 8k, cinematic volumetric light, proportional, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details,
Prompt: Beautiful woman from a random country, black sunglasses wearing a red latex haute couture futuristic dress, praying in the altar in the catholic church, highly detailed, ambient light, provocative, close-up portrait.
Prompt: Madre, the XXI. 20th century female assassin. African-American 32-year-old, athletic, educated. Body-fitting clothes, weapons. Hoodie and scarf. Head and shoulders portrait, 8k resolution concept art portrait by Greg Rutkowski, Artgerm, WLOP, Alphonse Mucha dynamic lighting hyperdetailed intricately detailed Splash art trending on Artstation triadic colors Unreal Engine 5 volumetric lighting