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concept sheet of a spear-throwing brave bear
concept sheet of a spear-throwing brave bear [more]

Negative prompt

Humans, kids
Humans, kids [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 512Height: 768
Scale: 12Steps: 44
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 847088694
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Prompt: catfolk adventurer  dnd character art, black cat, red eyes,magus, Two-handed weapon,Black dressed, tall,Massive in heavy armor, vampire
Prompt: Old Man, Gnome Fighter, DnD, Armor, Chainmail,
Prompt: Full Body concept Art of a gladiator with a bull head mask in the style of African fantasy by Dave Melvin
Prompt: Full Portrait of a bear warrior in Nordic armor, fantasy, medieval, highly detailed, katana, Artstation
Prompt: Create a 3D digital art character of a sinister Viking woman wearing black armor, a long black cloak down to the feet, and an armored mask. The character should also be wearing a black helmet that fully encases her head, with no part of her face or eyes visible
Prompt: Full Body concept Art of an armored priest wearing a mask in the style of dark fantasy by Dave Melvin
Prompt: warrior
Prompt: Racoons samurai warrior, in Final fantasy pixel art style
Prompt: 6'3 male zombie with grey skin, covered in bandages. He should be wearing dark, tattered cloth that exposes his chest and a dark mask that covers his face. He has a massive brand wrapping around his left arm. Model him after a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Path of the Zealot Barbarian and Undying Warlock with 20 Strength and 18 Constitution. Equip him with a very large axe.
Prompt: Akaviri Potentate Bear, black bear, gladiator-like armor, helm with red mohawk and horns, masterpiece, best quality, in oil painting style
Prompt: Full body, knight, katana, forest, epic
Prompt: digital art, 27-year-old modest Young woman viking, blonde hair, black pants, Quite well-built and lean muscled, assassin's creed Valhalla armor, orange armor, orange gear, Green-gold eyes, very short curly blonde hair, full body, full armor, unreal engine 8k octane, 3d lighting
Prompt: Blend in the background. 2d art. 2d
Prompt: Young black Dragonborn from the world of dungeons and dragons. male with long dark brown dreads tied into a pony tail. Wears travellers clothes and wields a staff in his left hand and a hand crossbow tied to his belt on the right side. On his back is a quiver full of crossbow bolts. He drools acid from his mouth through a tooth that is missing.
Prompt: A D&D character token of a wealthy human male merchant. Give him a distinguished look with a fierce beard, blonde hair, and respectable stance.
Prompt: A digital painting of a warlord Greg Rutkowski, Will Smith
Prompt: A menacing armored dnd character
Prompt: Comic strip  Jesus Christ army very detailed new age painting style futuristic samurai saints with guns and swords battle against evil cyberpunk ninjas with electric swords highly detailed battle scene unreal engine 5 style
Prompt: Anson Mount as a fantasy dwarf
Prompt: digital painting, dnd character a clumbsy red dragonborn rogue, very detailed, realistic, UHD, D&D, DnD, fantasy, style of dnd, by Todd Lockwood,
Prompt: albino raven kenku D&D character rogue, wearing black outfit, portrait full length body, fantasy, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, matte, sharp focus, illustration, art by Kerem Beyit
Prompt: Pashtun samurai in armor, Afridi, elden ring
Prompt: Full Body Concept Art of a warrior wearing a lion head mask wielding a spear in the style of fantasy by Dave Melvin
Prompt: A viking in the style of a Egyptian god and destiny 2 vigeo game
Prompt: Old Man, Gnome Fighter, DnD, Armor, Chainmail, Gritty,
Prompt: A digital painting of a samurai Greg Rutkowski, Bob Odenkirk
Prompt: portrait, male warrior, unreal engine, greg rutkowski, loish, rhads, beeple, makoto shinkai and lois van baarle, ilya kuvshinov, rossdraws, tom bagshaw, alphonse mucha, global illumination, detailed and intricate environment,  , professional ominous concept art, by artgerm and greg Stokowski, an intricate, elegant, highly detailed digital painting, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, in the style of simon stalenhag, wayne barlowe, and igor kieryluk.