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Made by: Anime character
Character: 1girl, kawaii, maid, gray wolf girl, serving, pasta, fluffy tail, blue eyes Style: StandardExpression: Happy
Width: 512Height: 512
Seed: 213485557

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Prompt: gacha
Prompt: 1man, man, cute man, in a white suit, white hair, dark blue ink eyes, pink blush, soft art, delicate, ribbons, in school background, huge smile, ethereal, detailed, long white hair, highres, detailed, cute, soft, school background, classroom background, ribbons accessories, delicate, ethereal, glossy, long hair, smiling, dark blue eyes, ink eyes, bright sparkles, professional lighting, vibrant colors, warm, aesthetic sunset, sunset
Prompt: Anthro dragon holding a kitchen knife
Prompt: Anthro dragon holding a kitchen knife
Prompt: A beautiful waifu with teal hair glowing venom eyes wearing a deep blue cat ear hoodie smiling at a festival, red lightning bolt mark over right eye fairy lights, cinematic lighting
Prompt: artificer, cat girl, steampunk, black cloths with crimson accent
Prompt: Cat Girl, white hair with brown patches, closeup view, above shoulder facing screen, open mouth,
Prompt: Random arts
Prompt: front view, cinematic shot,

illustration of 2D young cat girl, cute face, angry, melancholic, anime cat girl poses, ultra detailed cafe background, ultra detailed maid outfit, detailed face, detailed eyes, innocent, detailed nose, detailed mouth and lip, detailed interior, ultra detailed accessories, 

2D illustration, 2D character design, 2D flat color, 2D digital illustration, 2D vector illustration, vibrant color, detailed brush stroke, 

((sunshine, very strong sunlight on face, cinematic lighting, volumetric lighting, iridescent lighting reflection, reflection, beautiful shading, head light, back light, natural light, ray tracing, symmetrical)), (((masterpiece, professional, professional illustration, long hair, beautiful bang, stray hair))),

UDR, HDR, 64k, beautiful, stunning, masterpiece,