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Prompt: (Crystal dragon egg), majestic, glowing with an ethereal light, intricate details, translucent scales with multifaceted reflections, majestic aura, mystical ambiance, vibrant blues and purples, fantasy elements, luminescent highlights, shimmering gems around, enchanted cave setting, otherworldly glow, shadows creating depth, high contrast, ultra-detailed, 4K, mesmerizing, dreamy atmosphere, photographic realism, high dynamic range, visually stunning masterpiece.
Prompt: A one of one football card hand signed by Mario
Prompt: A stark contrast of eras and environments as a Soviet T-62M tank, emblazoned with the insignia of the "Berlin" tank regiment of the 5th Guards Motor Rifle Division, lumbers through the rugged, snow-dusted terrain of Afghanistan on 1 January 1987. The mighty beast of war, a relic of the Cold War, is seen in the foreground, its metallic green hull gleaming dully under the weak winter sun, the snow clinging to its form like a second skin. The tank is adorned with the iconic red star of the Soviet Union and the white-and-blue striped banners of victory, fluttering in the crisp mountain air. The barrel of its 115mm smoothbore gun points skyward, as if in a silent salute to the end of a long and tumultuous chapter in history. Behind the tank, a convoy of military vehicles stretches into the distance, weaving through the harsh, rocky landscape, each one a testament to the might and determination of the Soviet forces that once sought to maintain a foothold in this distant land. The barren, desolate backdrop of the Afghan mountains stands as a stoic witness to the countless battles and sacrifices made by both sides. The sky above is a clear, piercing blue, a poignant symbol of the freedom that the withdrawing forces are about to regain, yet tinged with the gravity of the lives lost and the legacy of the conflict. The tracks of the T-62M have churned the snow and earth, leaving a path that tells the story of a journey marked by valor and hardship. The scene is a powerful visual representation of the end of an era, the quiet departure of a once-formidable force from a land that had known nothing but the roar of engines and the echo of gunfire for too long. The image captures the moment of transition, where the weight of the past is visibly lifted from the shoulders of the war-weary machinery as it heads towards the horizon, leaving the stark beauty of Afghanistan to begin the slow process of healing from the wounds of war.
Prompt: A stark and poignant scene from the Battle of Bakhmut, with a Russian Air Forces MiG-25PU two-seat trainer jet soaring high in the tumultuous skies. The jet, a symbol of the ongoing conflict, is depicted in crisp detail, its metallic body gleaming in the sparse light that pierces through the dense clouds of smoke and dust. The aircraft's wings are spread wide, a testament to the power and precision required to navigate the treacherous airspace over the city. Below, the once-bustling urban landscape of Bakhmut lies in ruins, a haunting tableau of shattered buildings, cratered streets, and twisted metal skeletons that were once towering structures. The cityscape is a mournful palette of grays and browns, with plumes of smoke rising from the destruction like ghosts of the past. The stark contrast between the jet's intact form and the decimated city beneath it serves as a grim reminder of the relentless toll of war. The pilot and weapons systems operator are visible in the cockpit, their faces a mix of determination and weariness as they carry out their mission. The sky is a canvas of brooding darkness, with the sun's feeble rays struggling to break through the overcast, casting an eerie glow over the battle-scarred scene. The city's few remaining inhabitants can be seen as tiny, desolate figures in the distance, picking through the rubble of their former lives. This powerful image encapsulates the harsh reality of the Russo-Ukraine War, juxtaposing the sophistication of modern warfare with the unyielding human spirit that refuses to be completely extinguished amidst the devastation.
Prompt: A realistic African American Chibi steampunk full body elegant woman with very long curly hair blowing in the wind, she is wearing teal high heel shoes walking in a teal and fuchsia flowing sophisticated dress with mechanical gears flowing from it in 3d, with 'Sunfire' in writing on a canvas, purple wall looking at a book with a gold cover with initials E C on the book it is in her hand. manicured nails. Flawless makeup, lashes, eyeshadow.
Prompt: A stark panorama of the southern part of Bandung, once a thriving urban landscape, now reduced to a smoldering wasteland. In the foreground, charred remnants of buildings jut out like blackened teeth from the earth, their metal skeletons gleaming dully in the harsh sunlight that pierces through the thick, ashen sky. The horizon is an apocalyptic canvas of fiery reds and oranges, a stark contrast to the dark plumes of smoke that rise in the distance, hinting at the ongoing devastation beyond the frame. The streets are eerily deserted, save for a few scattered figures in the haze, likely survivors or rescue workers shrouded in protective gear, moving with a solemn urgency. The smell of burning rubber and scorched metal fills the air, a grim reminder of the chaos that had engulfed the area. Palm trees, once a symbol of tropical vitality, are now withered and lifeless, their fronds drooping like mournful arms. Amidst the destruction, a solitary Indonesian flag, tattered and stained, clings to a pole, a poignant symbol of resilience amidst the ruins. The sidewalks are littered with debris and the occasional burnt-out car, while the buildings that still stand bear the scars of the militia's wrath in the form of bullet holes and graffiti. The overall mood is one of desolation and despair, yet there is a flicker of hope in the far-off sirens and the distant sound of heavy machinery, signaling the beginnings of the city's painstaking rebirth from the ashes.
Prompt: hifumi yamada from danganropa, with gardevoir from pokemon
Prompt: a siberian longhaired cat is flying  above  two reddish bastard kittins  above a maize , mouse and rats are fleeding en masse . meanwhile lightning strikes
Prompt: Cat girl, black wavy hair, black fur, very furry, midriff, t-shirt, short shorts
Prompt: An awe-inspiring panorama of the Tengger Caldera, a colossal ancient crater nestled in the heart of East Java, Indonesia. At the center stage, the mighty Semeru stands tall, its majestic peak veiled in a soft shroud of mist, as if whispering ancient secrets to the sky. On the left, the iconic Mt. Bromo, a fiery sentinel, emits plumes of smoke, an ever-present reminder of its volcanic activity. In stark contrast, the stoic Mt. Batok, with its symmetrical conical form, looms in the foreground, casting a long shadow over the rugged terrain. To the right, the serene Mt. Widodaren rises gracefully, a silent witness to the dramatic scene unfolding. The rugged beauty of the caldera is further accentuated by the stark contrast between the verdant valleys and the stark, ash-covered landscapes, a testament to the interplay between creation and destruction. The soft morning light paints the scene in warm hues, illuminating the diverse textures of the land and the majesty of the peaks. The stillness of the moment is pierced only by the occasional rumble from the volcanic giants, a gentle reminder of the powerful forces that have shaped this ethereal realm. The clouds hover low, kissing the tops of the mountains, and the air is thick with a sense of reverence and awe, as the natural grandeur of the Tengger Caldera unfolds before the viewer's eyes.
Prompt: A tense and dynamic scene from the late stages of World War II, where Bren gunners of the 3/9th Jat Regiment are in full combat gear, steadfastly positioned in the rugged jungle terrain of Java. The date is inscribed as circa 15–16 November 1945, a critical period during the Battle of Surabaya, where these brave soldiers were fighting against the Indonesian nationalists. The Bren gunners, wearing British-issued helmets and fatigues, are focused and vigilant, their eyes scanning the dense foliage for any signs of the enemy. Their Bren light machine guns are at the ready, the sleek barrels pointing towards an unseen threat, the bipod legs firmly planted in the earth, providing stability for their deadly firepower. The men are a study in concentration, their muscles taut as they grip the wooden stocks and curved magazines of their weapons. The jungle itself seems to hold its breath around them, the vibrant greens and earthy tones of the vegetation a stark contrast to the stark reality of war. The light filters through the canopy in dappled patterns, casting dramatic shadows across their faces and highlighting the beads of sweat on their brows. The air is thick with the scent of damp leaves and the acrid tang of gunpowder. To their rear, the rest of the 3/9th Jat Regiment advances cautiously, their rifles at the ready, moving in single file through the narrow gaps between the towering trees. The scene is one of coordinated effort and unspoken trust, as the gunners cover their comrades' advance, providing vital protection against potential ambushes. Their determination to overcome the nationalist forces is palpable, each step they take forward is a testament to their valour and the unwavering spirit of the Indian Army. The scene is steeped in history, capturing a moment of valour and camaraderie that defined this tumultuous period in the quest for independence.
Prompt: Create a dead coral bed, with one vibrant alive and very colourful coral tree. Focus in contrast between life an death
Prompt: l iris watercolor
Prompt: Ace of Pentacle tarot card desing. with gaia goddess. this desing have a only one  pentacle.
Prompt: (Full body) gay male magus with a short hair and beard, revealing armor, standing outside of a forest, fantasy setting, in a realistic detailed digital art style.
Prompt: reggae
Prompt: A nice, enthusiastic man who wants to encourage warrior people
Prompt: (A dragon mounted by a wizard in Slytherin robes) flying low over Avenida Paulista, escaping a brown Portuguese Podengo, dark and mystical atmosphere, vibrant and high contrast colors, dramatic lighting, cinematic background, bustling urban environment with towering buildings, intense and dynamic action scene, ultra-detailed, 4K, sharp focus, sense of urgency and adventure, realistic textures and shadows.
Prompt: animated gold gradient background
Prompt: Making a logo for detergents on the beach with sand and sea waves and fading flowers and tree leaves
Prompt: (Full body) gay male magus with a short hair and beard, revealing armor, standing outside of a forest, fantasy setting, in a realistic detailed digital art style.
Prompt: (anime vampire girl), long white hair, red crystal eye, small chest, castle setting, super detailed, highly intricate, cinematic masterpiece, vibrant red tones and cool hues, magical atmosphere, ethereal lighting, ultra-detailed, high resolution, 4K, vibrant colors, dynamic composition, dramatic shadows, enchanted elements, glowing accents, mystical background, striking contrasts, sharp focus, fantasy landscape.
Prompt: miniature isometric world render, a hut surrounded by clear water, bahamas, on a table
Prompt: young two year old seedlings, planted at 3mx3m spacing. it should be portrat from arial view
Prompt: amazing blonde milf woman with a dog wearing a blue hat and a blue scarf on her neck and a blue background, Gil Elvgren, sharp focus, art photography, highly detailed digital painting, a pop art painting
Prompt: Elf ranger in a mystical forest around sunlight<p>In a beautiful meadow, filled with vibrant flowers and dancing butterflies, stood a tall and sturdy... porta-potty? Yes, you read that right. Nestled amongst the picturesque scenery was an unexpected but necessary addition to the landscape. But fear not, for this wasn't your average portable toilet. It was a luxury loo complete with plush cushions, scented candles, and even a built-in stereo system blasting Taylor Swift's greatest hits. The juxtaposition of this humble necessity against the backdrop of natural beauty only heightened its charm and whimsy. Who knew relieving yourself in nature could be so chic? So next time you find yourself frolicking through a meadow, keep an eye out for that regal porta-potty - it's sure to be a royal experience worth remembering.</p>
Prompt: Pregnant anime girls wearing maxi long pleated grey skirts.
Prompt: A desolate and haunting street scene in the city center, just a stone's throw from the once majestic boulevard of Unter den Linden, on a stark and overcast 3rd of July, 1945. The cobblestone street, a silent witness to the horrors of war, stretches out like a scar through the devastated landscape, with towering buildings on either side standing as skeletal sentinels, their façades pockmarked by shells and scarred by fire. The sky above is a canvas of ominous grays and whites, the clouds heavy with the weight of recent bombings, casting a pall over the shattered cityscape. The air is thick with dust and the acrid smell of destruction as the rubble and debris of what was once a bustling metropolis lie scattered across the ground. The grandiose edifices that lined the boulevard are now mere shells, their windows gaping like the mouths of the buildings themselves are screaming in agony. A solitary lamppost, bent at an unnatural angle, stands tall in the center of the frame, a testament to the resilience of the city's spirit amidst the ruins. The sidewalks are cracked and overgrown with weeds, pushing through the concrete as if attempting to reclaim the space from the chaos that has enveloped it. The only signs of life are the fluttering remnants of paper and fabric caught in the jagged metal and stone, dancing to the mournful tune of the whistling wind. The image captures the stark contrast between the grandeur of Berlin's pre-war past and the stark reality of its post-war present, a poignant reminder of the fragility of human achievement in the face of war's relentless wrath.
Prompt: Fc 24 with leonardo da Vinci on the front cover instead of Erling Haaland
Prompt: Photorealistic and dramatic, epic, figure portrait of Eurydice in ancient greek dress with lavander wreath in hair, head slightly to the side, sunny day, field of lavander in distance,
Prompt: Detergent logo creation
Prompt: (Full body) macho male magus with a short hair and beard, revealing armor, standing outside of a forest, fantasy setting, in a realistic detailed digital art style.
Prompt: (a dark-skinned bearded fat muscular old man in a bulky army camouflage zipper diver suit) shooting with gun and (wearing small-sized realistic roaring tiger mask), muscular, Bruce Onobrakpeya, sumatraism, stanley artgermm, action, fierce, snarling, best quality, powerful
Prompt: A modern arab army general in army attire from as an elden ring boss using magical smoke powers
Prompt: (Full body) hairy gay male magus with a short hair and beard, standing outside of a forest, fantasy setting, in a realistic detailed digital art style.
Prompt: A one of one football card hand signed by Luigi
Prompt: flying pig
Prompt: Anita Mui
Prompt: a crystal clear lake with boats fishing on shore
Prompt: Anita Mui
Prompt: Flat illustration of italian architecture buildings, simple shapes, colour palette of orange and yellow
Prompt: photorealistic image with a lush floral background featuring Bussey's Florist logo, vibrant colors, high depth, HD, 4K, crisp and clean design, modern aesthetic, professional and appealing, ads-fashion editorial style, cheerful and inviting atmosphere, vibrant blossoms in pink, red, and yellow tones, meticulously detailed petals, elegant arrangements, soft, diffused lighting, social media optimized, instagram-ready, flawless visuals, expert composition, ultra-detailed florals, visually-striking logo placement.
Prompt: Een vrolijke illustratie van een zomers tafereel met een mooie mand vol sappige aardbeien en meloenen. Misschien een paar aardbeien met een feesthoedje op en een meloen met een glimlach. Voeg wat confetti en ballonnen toe voor extra feestvreugde!
Prompt: create a hyper detailed, black and white vector cartoon vector file, hyper detailed, UHD, HDR, 128K, standing on a rock portrait of a woman in in a semi-arid landscape portrait drawing in the style of Norman Rockwell, Steve Hanks, and Michael James Smith, portrait of woman, standing on the rock edge of a gulley with white drape billowing in the high wind. The woman forged by the harsh sands of a dystopian future and stands on the edge of a wide and rock gully with cracked stone and rock pebbles. Along the gully are ledges of rock overhanging over the edges of the gully and it is trimmed with mostly dry but an occasionally green brush, grass and tumble weed or other forest fauna including vines. in the middle of the gully there are falls of water still left from the last deluge that reflect the blue sky. a Texas Jackrabbit is brave enough to wander out to test the water. The rest of the scene is an serene scene with lush brush and grass. Dramatic natural light. There is a blue sky with swirling cumulus clouds. There are low hills in the far distance that are faded and blue and some trees can be seen in the distance. There is ponding water that reflects the sky., poster, cinematic, photo, painting, 3d render
Prompt: A dramatic scene of a Russian T-80 tank, a relic of the Soviet era, lying in a twisted heap of metal and fire, a stark testament to the power of the NLAW (Next-Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon) deployed by the Ukrainian forces during the 2022 invasion. The once-intimidating war machine is now a charred wreckage, its turret blown clear off, revealing the scorched interior where flames still flicker menacingly. The tank's heavy armor is pierced by a gaping hole, a clear indication of the precise and devastating impact of the anti-tank missile. The surrounding landscape is a blend of rural desolation and urban decay, with shattered concrete and debris scattered around the tank, hinting at the intensity of the battle that unfolded here. The sky above is a grim tapestry of smoke and dust, pierced by a single shaft of sunlight that casts a stark contrast between the fiery destruction and the eerie calmness that has settled over the battlefield. In the foreground, a group of Ukrainian soldiers, faces obscured by their combat helmets and camouflage, stand at a safe distance, surveying the scene with a mix of grim determination and weary relief. Their posture suggests they have just emerged from a successful engagement, their NLAW launchers still smoking in their hands. The starkness of the image is accentuated by the stark contrast of the vibrant greenery that surrounds the carnage, serving as a stark reminder of the juxtaposition between the beauty of the land and the horrors of war. The image captures a pivotal moment in the conflict, illustrating the resilience and resourcefulness of the Ukrainian people in the face of an overwhelming adversary, and the decisive role technology can play in the hands of the determined.
Prompt: cercle with half of it representing  a woman's face, the othe just paine. The woman's face is half and should be showing kind of grid to explain facial care