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Made by: Sketch to image
Style: Vector art
Width: 640Height: 512
Seed: 2032424477

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Prompt: dark chaotic abstract logo with violet and dark blue
Prompt: Design a dynamic and captivating logo for my gaming YouTube channel 'VeNoM,' which specializes in Valorant. Utilize artificial intelligence to create a logo that incorporates elements from the game, such as characters, weapons, or Valorant's distinct visual style, while maintaining a modern and visually appealing design that represents the excitement of the gameplay
Prompt: Neon demon, shard King, Skull, Metallic, dark background, saint and demon, technology and religion, futuristic
Prompt: portrait,alterd carbon,Cenobite , neon, detailed intricate render, dark atmosphere, detailed illustration, hd, 4 k, digital art, overdetailed art, surrealistic, by greg rutkowski, by loish, complementing colors, trending on artstation, deviantart,art deco,ornament,symmetrical,8k
Prompt: Ultraman Genesis Divine Sky Form
Prompt: logo, cyberpunk design
Prompt: hologram of {crown} floating in space, a vibrant digital illustration, dribbble, quantum wavetracing, black background, behance hd
Prompt: ledgend of zelda master sword going through master chiefs helmet as a logo with blue lightning on the left and green lightning on the right
Prompt: alien hieroglyphics, neon, synthwave, exploding star, hypersonic
Prompt: logo, cyberpunk design
Prompt: octane render x unreal engine, style of Hichem Dakka art, Ultra realistic, colorful modern holographic gradient pattern
Prompt: Light effects, science fiction, mech details, left and right symmetry, future style
Prompt: “I have arised.” Cthleno, arises, the latest, and most late of the dragoons. From the depths it arose, It’s eyes as deep as the depth of the seas he is from. It’s skin can be like armor, scaled to perfection, yet can have a softness to it, or even slime. It fluctuates a dark sapphire, with a mixture of a green mold and dark purple build. He has one eye that’s a deep dark green, another a deep dark blue, both however have traces of purple, there’s also a mysterious colored and wide eye, that blinks from it’s chest, centered. It’s face, beautiful, yet can leave you wondering what the hell you just looked at, afterwards, of course. It has the make up of a face, yet is made up of new concepts.
Prompt: blue and orange background with a daedric symbol above the background
Prompt: Abstract superhero character illustration ,muted colors, acrylic poster art,  symmetrical, colorful, by Andy Kubert,  masterpiece, professional, vivid color, volumetric lighting, fog, professional, 8k, cinematic, xyf8, unreal engine, octane render, bokeh, vray, houdini render, quixel,  cinematic lighting, luminescence, translucency, arnold render, 8k uhd, raytracing, lumen reflections, cgsociety, ultra realistic, 100mm, film photography, dslr, cinema4d, studio quality, film grain, award-winning,
Prompt: musician Jonsk album cover designed by Beeple and nychos. 3D rendering octane.

visual with the text: dimension. in capital letters. blue and purple themed. with flames around it
Prompt: astralvoid hooded man demon face
Prompt: futuristic cyberpunk, titan whale, cosmos, univers, with threads, destroyer of worlds space stars eating worlds, gold in space, cyberpunk art, stars, fantasy, elegant, neon light, highly detailed, digital painting, concept art, starlight, illustration.
Prompt: Create an eye-catching and unique logo for my Valorant gaming YouTube channel 'VeNoM' through the power of artificial intelligence. Blend elements from the game, like iconic weapons or agents, with a modern and bold design that embodies the intense and competitive nature of Valorant
Prompt: monad xero
Prompt: Black and white powerful wizard
Prompt: badass female robot, sharp edges, mech suit, cool helmet, full body, simple backround, sharp colors, 4k, HD, drawn by Rebecca Suger, Rob Renzetti