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Illustration of the iconic character from the game 'zorb', characterized by sunglasses and an expressive face. The artistry is influenced by early computer visuals, blocky designs, and is set against a found footage and hyperspace noir-themed backdrop.
Illustration of the iconic character from the g... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: 3D render of a cartoon character from the game 'zorb', donning stylish sunglasses. The design is reminiscent of early computer art with blocky visuals. The character's facial expression is intense, set against a backdrop inspired by found footage and hyperspace noir.
Prompt: the game "zorb" has a cartoon character wearing sunglasses, in the style of early computer art, found footage, hyperspace noir, close up, blocky, strong facial expression
Prompt: hacker in matrix escaping matrix
Prompt: RETRO, ALTERED STATE,  VERY DETAILED AND INTRICATE, low brow, by chet czar, Android Jones and beeple, trending on artstation, 8k, 3d, VRAY, HD, synthwave style, amazing, biomechanical cyborg giant, futuristic, artificial intelligence, singularity, futurism, digital, binary, alluring, sleek
Prompt: cyborg almost human dark atmosphere
Prompt: facial portrait with bold black and white stripes, emitting holographic beams from eyes and mouth, located in a darkened futuristic chamber, ambiance of a high-tech command center, levitating three-dimensional puzzle designs, gleaming chrome surroundings mirroring the holographs, mesh of lights and reflections, face adorned with robotic gear and circuitry motifs, wide screen presentation
Prompt: the face of an actor dressed as a robot is shown in full, historical painting, dynamic color contrasts, futuristic victorian, hyper-realistic sci-fi, mechanized precision
Prompt: a machine becoming conscious, circuit black red
Prompt: Full body portrait of an old man, cyberpunk, in the background a blurred science fiction cityscape, in the style of a Salvador Dali painting, unreal engine, concept art, masterpiece, sharp, rule of thirds, combination of rust-picton blue color scheme
Prompt: a character wearing glasses standing by a speaker, in the style of visual remix, close-up intensity, ue5, blocky, ed roth, video, grainy noir
Prompt: Oil painting capturing the head and shoulders of a man sculpted from shimmering metal, reflecting the influence of futurism. The 8k 3D visuals accentuate the machine-inspired aesthetics, with stripes and geometric shapes adding depth. His exaggerated facial features, especially the eyes, exude a captivating gaze, representing an epitome of idealized beauty.
Prompt: Envision an 8-bit maze illuminated by the glow of CRT scanlines, reminiscent of old arcade screens. Vector graphics show a side-scroller world where joysticks and pinball flippers form the terrain. In the background, a chiptune melody visualizes as floating musical notes. A giant coin slot stands at the maze's entrance, inviting adventurers in, while an animated high score leaderboard shines brightly above, challenging all who dare to enter
Prompt: War between an artificial intelligence and man.
Prompt: ian brown's robot poster by m sp, in the style of mid-century illustration, precisionist art, dynamic color-field, oil on panel, shiny eyes, detailed character design, strong facial expression
Prompt: Robot portrait with elements of mid-century design, set in a dynamic color-field environment. The robot has detailed features, shiny eyes, and a compelling facial expression, rendered in oil on panel.
Prompt: Artificial intelligence, Human emotions, sight, sound, touch, smell, hearing, no sight, no sound, no touch, no smell, no hearing, remove human elements, human characteristics, light, dark, negative, positive, movement, stillness, far, near, alive, dead, create, destroy, random, non random, inside, outside, yes, no, guess, know, will, won't, do, don't, questions, answers, everything, nothing, time, timeless, movement, still, finish, start, incomplete, complete, solved, unsolved, lost, found,
Prompt: a full body colorful stunning, cyber robot, photorealistic eyes,  dynamic, particulate, elegant, Hyperrealism, highly detailed,  airbrush, acrylic on paper, volumetric lighting, rugged texture, occlusion, smooth, sharp focus, 128K UHD octane render, w more detail, ultra realistic, insane detail, cinematic, Curvaceous Light bending, fuzzy, Extremely detailed high quality, breathtaking, Award winning, highly detailed, wide-angle lens, hyper realistic, Glowing, launge, edgelord.
Prompt: Digital art depicting the 'zorb' game character in a close-up, showcasing a strong facial expression while wearing sunglasses. The style draws from early computer graphics, with blocky textures, and the background exudes a found footage and hyperspace noir ambiance.
Prompt: Illustration in the style of precisionist art showcasing a robot with mid-century features. The robot's eyes gleam, and its facial expression is intense, all painted with oil on panel.
Prompt: Wide digital art of a face, adorned with black and white stripes, capturing the essence of high-tech futurism. The backdrop showcases video feedback loops intertwined with chrome reflections, giving the illusion of a three-dimensional puzzle. Robotic elements are subtly incorporated into the design.
Prompt: Photorealistic 3D render of a digitalized humanoid face intricately embedded with circuit patterns and maze-like designs. The face is juxtaposed with a black background featuring contrasting electronic circuits and glowing orange highlights.