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A blonde woman wearing a dirndl, cleavage, smirk, sitting on a table, full Glas of beer in front of her, party, festival, in a bar, celebrations, music playing, people having fun, intricate details, hyperrealistic, Raw Photography, Artgerm,
A blonde woman wearing a dirndl, cleavage, smir... [more]

Negative prompt

Ugly, deformed, extra limbs, anime,
Ugly, deformed, extra limbs, anime, [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 432
Scale: 7Steps: 35
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1391684070
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Prompt: Woman drinking beer making intense eye contact, cleavage, Oktoberfest, octane render hyperrealistic + 4k + uhd + 3d + octane render + cinematic
Prompt: 30year old woman, skinny fit body, cleavage, as an old western scarlet lady, wearing ruffled skirts and black boots, standing by the bar, smoky atmosphere, whisky, hyper detail painting, complex, hyper detailed face, perfect eyes nose and lips, 4k concept art portrait by Greg Rutkowski, Artgerm, WLOP, Alphonse Mucha, dynamic lighting, hyper detail, intricate art, Artstation process color trend, Unreal Engine 5, volumetric lighting, pop, elegant, pure, deep color art, Greg Rutkowski art, fantasycore, airbrush, top hat, entertainer, circus director, unreal engine, greg rutkowski, loish, rhads, beeple, makoto shinkai and lois van baarle, ilya kuvshinov, rossdraws, tom bagshaw, alphonse mucha, global illumination, detailed environments
Prompt: Digital art, epic perspective, a modern cafe art rendition of a very sultry, remarkably beautiful in face and form, bejeweled, Mexican woman with long, long, flowing, silky, light brown colored hair seated at a bar with a martini in her hand in a seductive low cut and backless gold silk mini dress wearing silver stiletto high heeled shoes. Hyper detailed, mood lighting, in the style of Jack Vettriano hyper detailed digital art
Prompt: A beautiful++, European, 34 year old adult female, sad expression, green eyes, pink lips, black curly++ medium hair wearing black low cut tank top, looking down at table, hands on the hair, sitting on a bar stool. crowded++ Milan dive bar at night++. Contemporary gothic+, Volumetric, Golden ratio, (((Perfect face))) detailed facial features By Roger Deakins and Dante Spinotti. lut, insane details, intricate details, muted colours, 4K, hyper realistic, cinematic+++, volumetric light++, vintage anamorphic lens, shot on Arri Alexa camera, film grain, Bokeh
Prompt: 30 years old beth smith sit down alone on the both drunk wearing casual dress revealing her upper Bossom in the bar  with sad face
Prompt: An attractive black woman in a golden bikini top, working as a bartender, long curly hair,
Prompt: party girl, blonde, club, cocktaildress, satin
Prompt: Character concept art of a beautiful 
 and kind female brewer in her 30s with flowing light brown-blonde hair and bright blue eyes wearing a pale navy dress and a brown apron standing in front of wooden barrels with her hands on her hips, fantasy, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, trending on artstation, detailed face, realistic face, smooth, sharp focus, illustration art by Stanley Lau