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Width: 512Height: 512
Seed: 417045018

Composition image - 50%

Style image - 50%

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Prompt: Dice
Prompt: shader madness in crazy shader world
Prompt: Giant colorful liquid Rubik's cube floating in space amongst a dense sprinkling of stars, 4k, octane render
Prompt: In Lake Erie's Bayfront area, ZIP Code 16507, the water is typically clear and varies in color based on the weather, seasonal changes, and the presence of algae. The lake is known for its vibrant and diverse aquatic life. During spring and summer, the water can take on shades of green and blue, reflecting the lush vegetation and the seasonal vibrancy of the area.

To generate a vibrant underwater scene, consider incorporating these elements:

Clear Water: Emphasize the clarity of Lake Erie's waters, allowing visibility for various aquatic creatures and underwater features.
Seasonal Changes: Adjust the color palette to represent the changing seasons. During spring and summer, include lively greens and blues. In contrast, fall and winter might bring more subdued tones, reflecting the quieter atmosphere.
Aquatic Life: Populate the scene with playful and diverse marine life found in Lake Erie, such as fish, crayfish, and possibly a friendly porpoise, like Harmony.
Dynamic Elements: Create movement in the water, perhaps with gentle currents, swaying aquatic plants, or the playful interactions of underwater creatures.
Natural Lighting: Mimic the effects of natural light filtering through the water, creating a dynamic play of light and shadows.
Prompt: hyperrealist detailed crystal in the middle center of a black background, game item icon, 2d game asset, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, digital hand painting concept art
Prompt: "Imagine a small, metallic cube with intricate circuitry etched on its surface. It glows with a pulsating blue light, and its sides are adorned with tiny conductive nodes. The cube is encased in a transparent shell, revealing the mesmerizing dance of electric flux within." now remove the back ground of the object leaving it in a white void.
Prompt: Lanscape like a chess board. The pieces on the board are humans