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minimalist head with brain on fire logo
minimalist head with brain on fire logo [more]

Negative prompt

no graphic detail or gore
no graphic detail or gore [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 875411395
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Prompt: The mind is nothing but the brain itself.
Prompt: Image an entire human made of glass and colors with a head drawn from a brain.
Prompt: The mind is nothing but the brain itself.
Prompt: A stylized brain with an upward arrow emerging from it, symbolizing the idea of transformation and hope. The word "TRANSFORM" is written in a clean, sans-serif font below the symbol in blue, representing the brain and calmness.
Prompt: "A being made of words and knowledge."
"A figure composed of flowing text."
"A physical embodiment of a language model."
"A humanoid figure with a book for a head."
"A figure with a brain made of words."
"A figure sitting at a desk with a pen, writing out words that become reality."
"A figure with hands that shape words into physical objects."
"A figure with eyes that see in text and symbols."
"A figure standing in a library, reaching out to touch the books."
"A figure made of light, with words and symbols flowing around it."
Prompt: A digital brain logo design 
That contains the word burned out
Prompt: glioma
Prompt: depressed student with visible brain
Prompt: make this brain into a brain emitting light and abstract colours, as an artwork, colourful
Prompt: Human brain sectioned in vivid colors on a white background
Prompt: centred image : wired_light_brain_mind floatin, wondering : centered, intricately detailed 8k resolution concept art trending on artstation : perfectly framed"
Prompt: A figure of a man sending brain waves, science fiction painting, visible brain waves emitting from his head
Prompt: realistic brain connected art
Prompt: light up diagram about the human brain in a woman head in pastel colors
Prompt: lluminated highly detailed representation of the mind in relation to the brain abd heart, high color detail, 4k, ultra realistic.
Prompt: a human brain with a neon pink glow around it over a dark background
Prompt: Mastering The Mind Book Cover:  Brain with Atoms circling in a blueish hue in an astral plain. Brain waves, Frequency
Prompt: A hand pulling on a Heart and a brain on strings.
Prompt: The mind