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a pug in a space suit in space ,photorealistic, god rays, artstation, deviantart, unreal engine, intricate details ,vibrant colors
a pug in a space suit in space ,photorealistic,... [more]

Negative prompt

ugly , extra limbs , blur
ugly , extra limbs , blur [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1729243981
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Prompt: cosmic Bull dog, Trip through space
Prompt: a astronaut pug i in space in magical world ,photorealistic, god rays, artstation, deviantart, unreal engine, intricate details ,vibrant colors
space dog
Prompt: A dog wearing a spacesuit closeup by ross tran, 8k ernst haeckel artstation behance contest winner, studio ghibli, j, c, leyendecker 8k, unreal engine
Prompt: space doge PHOTO, surprise me
Prompt: dog in space
Prompt: Dog in space
Prompt: dog in space
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Prompt: (((fat round corgi astronaut))) (((in space))) neon, surreal, art style sam yang and james jean!
space dog
Prompt: Anime Happy light brown pit bull in a space suit cartoon on an alien planet. retro, futuristic, time traveling , color blast, lo-fi, interstellar travel, stars, planets. Moog
Prompt: cartoon Pug with cartoon astronaut suit in space for wallpaper
Prompt: cosmic Bull dog, Trip through space
Prompt: Cosmic Epic Beautiful (Beautiful playful {Furry!! English Bulldog}Puppy, Beautiful big reflective eyes), hyper realistic,  expansive Nebula background, hyper realistic, 8K --s99500
Prompt: pug in alien ci fi armor
Prompt: super powerecd pug eats sausages while observing the humans from space worried with concern
Prompt: dog in space
Prompt: Cosmetic pug Wearing a gold suit in space
Prompt: space dog
Prompt: Malinois full body in space suit
Prompt: Retro comic style artwork, highly detailed super pug, realistic cute dog face, comic book cover, symmetrical, vibrant fractals
Prompt: perrito astronauta con una rosa en la mano
Prompt: Cosmetic pug Wearing a gold suit in space
Prompt: dogs are so cute just look at this one in SPACE
Prompt: /imagine prompt: color photo of a dog as an astronaut riding a starship

, a courageous canine astronaut donned in a sleek silver space suit, floating gracefully inside a futuristic starship. The dog's paws effortlessly navigate the zero-gravity environment, while its helmet reflects the brilliance of distant stars, lending an otherworldly glow to the scene.

The starship's interior is a marvel of advanced technology, adorned with glowing control panels and holographic displays. The walls are lined with panoramic windows, offering breathtaking views of the vast cosmos. The dog astronaut floats weightlessly amidst a sea of swirling stardust, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

The mood is one of wonder and exploration, as the dog astronaut embarks on a daring mission to unravel the mysteries of the universe. The atmosphere inside the starship is filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation, as the crew prepares for the next stage of their cosmic journey.

Captured on camera is a vibrant and dynamic image, highlighting the dog astronaut's fearless spirit. The photo was taken using a state-of-the-art Nikon D850 camera, equipped with a wide-angle lens to capture the expansive surroundings. The colors are vivid and rich, accentuating the interstellar backdrop.

In this unlikely collaboration, the scene is directed by Christopher Nolan, known for his visually stunning and thought-provoking films. The cinematography is helmed by Emmanuel Lubezki, renowned for his ability to capture breathtaking natural beauty. The fashion design is curated by Jean Paul Gaultier, known for his avant-garde and imaginative creations. Together, their distinct styles create a visually striking and awe-inspiring photo.

—c 10 —ar 2:3
Prompt: a professional movie photograph of, an (Australian terrier dog) floats in spacesuit, tethered to its spacecraft. the background is the limitless void, with stars twinkling in the distance. ((spacesuit)), australian flag on the space uniform, ((zero gravity)), ((outer space)), ((starry backdrop)), ((cuteness overload))., sharp focus photo, uhd, hdr, professionally color graded, perfectly shaded, analog photo, high quality, highres, detail enhancement, 8k, high resolution scan, (photo by nikon d800, 50mm zeiss lens), spotlight
Prompt: dog in space, concept art, by Aleksi Briclot, antipodeans, protogen, league of legends arcane, endgame boss, ability image