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Imagine a person standing at the edge of a cliff, with a clear view of a beautiful landscape ahead. The person has their arms outstretched and their eyes closed, as if in deep concentration. From their mind, vibrant thought bubbles are emanating, filled with various images representing their desired outcomes: a diploma symbolizing education, a globe representing travel, a dollar sign representing financial abundance, and so on. These thought bubbles are morphing into physical manifestations that hover in the air around the person, ready to be realized. Birds are soaring above them, representing freedom and endless possibilities. The scene is bathed in warm, golden sunlight, symbolizing positivity and empowerment. This concept visually captures the idea of transforming thoughts into real-world results through the power of manifestation.
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Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 576Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1220247779

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Prompt: previous humanity, 
hyperrealistic, symbolism, collective conscious
Prompt: earth and space,  Ambivalence art, cyberpunk art, ultra highly detailed
Prompt: esoteric realistic painting of a man starring at gigantic sun sunset with a sky full of stars and galaxies in a super-natural style
Prompt: Title: "The Serpent in Celestial Harmony"

Description: Imagine a celestial landscape with a serene, heavenly atmosphere filled with fluffy clouds and radiant light. In the midst of this heavenly scene, depict a coiled serpent. However, instead of appearing menacing, the serpent could be portrayed as a guardian or a symbol of transformation.

You can add elements like vibrant colors, intricate patterns on the serpent's scales, and a calm expression on its face to emphasize the idea that even something typically considered "bad" can exist in harmony within a heavenly setting. This artwork can convey the message that balance and unity can be found in unexpected places.

Feel free to adapt this concept to your artistic style and preferences. The key is to challenge conventional notions and create a thought-provoking piece of art that sparks curiosity and contemplation.
Prompt: Last picture in earth
Prompt: earth reviving after human extinction, a new beginning, nature taking over buildings, animal kingdom, harmony, peace, earth balanced --version 3 --s 1250 --uplight --ar  --no text, blur 2000x2000 pixel
Prompt: a picture of the earth and water, in the style of surrealistic interpretations, surreal visions, psychedelic surrealism
Prompt: A man discover the universe stand only on earth
Prompt: Last picture in earth
Prompt: astroism