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A dog like a dragon
A dog like a dragon [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 576Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 462704195

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Prompt: Black and tan Yorkie Pinscher dog sitting on a bed looking at the camera. 8k. Photorealistic ultra details. symmetrical. detailed face. Super detailed. Studio lighting. intricate. realistic digital painting.
Prompt:  (Australian terrier dog) :
2235s, Close up, Colored, Portrait photograph, Jimmy Marble, f8, Detailed, Sharp focus, High shutter speed, Epic composition, Matte tones, Wes Anderson
Prompt: Chihuahua mixed with a dragon
Prompt: A female dog with no tail.
Prompt: selfie of a pixar yorkie puppy, lyndall light effects under the spectrum, pixar yorkie puppy, avant garde, blue cornflower, studio lighting, old timey, beautiful, pixar, bachelor button blue, vintage, art deco, landscape art vintage, art deco, landscape art
Prompt: shelty
Prompt: cutest dog in the world
Prompt: dog cat
Prompt: Dog
Prompt: A black andvwhite colored chihuahua on a leash attached to a doorknob.
Prompt: dog amber
Prompt: cute golden cavapoo puppies with a bath
Prompt: Brown yorkie playing in a field of dandylions
Prompt: cute nonexisting dog
Prompt: Chihuahua making an angry face
Prompt: photo of a yorkie with hip-hop clothing