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round edges, smooth smudges, gradient colors of aurora, dreamy vibes, motivating
round edges, smooth smudges, gradient colors of... [more]
Made by: Creative variations
Subject Description: round edges, smooth smudges, gradient colors of aurora, dreamy vibes, motivating
Similarity: Very creative
Style: Digital Art
Width: 512Height: 576
Seed: 9222974

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Prompt:  Refracted diamond light beams interstellar ,futuristic, realistic, hyperdetailed, concept art, beautiful background, chiaroscuro, side lighting, art by waterhouseBlack intricate, detailed, 8k resolution, dynamic lighting,  , hyperdetailed, unreal 5, volumetric lighting, , oil on canvas, detailed background,
Prompt: Metatron Cube in a Space Background, 4k HD Hyper realistic
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Prompt: tesseract
Prompt: Metatron's Cube,, Georgia O'Keefe's study, triadic colors, photorealistic, the golden ratio, Andy Warhol, Jean Jaques Basquiat, backlit, Fibonacci sequence
Prompt: color 3d rendered with vanishing point perspective minimalistic sharp straight edges and smooth shaded abstract cubism style, a bismuth crystal, a light off screen on the left.
Prompt: Spectral Metatron Cube in a Space and galaxy Background 3D, 4k HD Hyper realistic