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Prompt: <mymodel>Woman with weird baroque hairstyle, in ornate and exeggerated roccoco-baroque clothing, studio lighting, hyper realistic
Prompt: a woman in a dress made out of paper, swirling magical energy, john stephens, art on instagram, by Sarah Louisa Kilpack, adobe, the sorcerer's doll, connectedness, inspired by Zhang Shuqi, twirling, biomechanical corals, the art of books, pencil style, girl in love, suki, chrome art
Prompt: magical forest in a sunset
Prompt: yellow dreamscape, shiny eyes, fantasy, Jon Foster, Bill Sienkiewicz
Prompt: A side view of a small train being driven off a cliff by a clown with a red nose
Prompt: fruit and vegetable powders
Prompt: a metallic explosion, post - apocalyptic world, green lava, steam, fog, grey skies
Prompt: original rendering by Alena Aenami|Leonid Afremov|Les Edwards: “All along the watchtower.” complex meticulous details. dramatic  lighting. hyper detailed. ai enhance|optimize|perfect|realism. ai denoise. commissioned artwork. micro-detaile
Prompt: 7 year old mixed blood African girl riding a galloping horse. Picture from the side.
Prompt: Beautiful brown skin south indian girl with black hair and wearing a transparent night gown  with smile standing next to the  the bed in a 5 star hotel room  .  Her stomach must be shown . she has a gold chain around her stomach. The night gown must be half open
Prompt: Make me a round logo, with an up close up vibrant color cow painting, with a black baseball hat on the cow that has writing on the hat "Jerked by Jon" 
Put black sunglasses on the cow and have chili pepper garden. Bright lighting, outside,  with beautiful vibrant sky
Prompt: A black crowned night heron sits atop a human skull. It is night and a dripping candle illuminates the scene.
Prompt: monster with (iridescent:0.3) grey (slimy skin:1.3), (sheen:1.3), bright
Prompt: Retro cartoon alligator in a tropical setting holding a squeegee in one hand and a bucket in the other. vibrant and playful cartoon style, bright and lively colors, detailed scales and textures, friendly expression, high quality, vibrant cartoon style. Tropical Background.
Prompt: Regal Wildcat in monster shell art style
Prompt: Maake an up close,  vibrant, forward facing cow, painting.  Cow is wearing a black baseball hat , the hat has a round logo for Jerked by Jon.
Put black sunglasses on the cow and have chili pepper garden. Bright lighting, outside,  with beautiful vibrant sky
Prompt: Abstract representation of New York City rush hour traffic, vibrant and chaotic, digital art, dynamic composition with strong movement, high energy, bright neon lights, pixelated elements, modern and edgy, urban, cityscape, abstract traffic patterns, futuristic and cyberpunk, bustling city streets, best quality, highres, vibrant colors, chaotic composition, digital art, urban, futuristic, dynamic, vibrant neon lights, cyberpunk, bustling streets, edgy, modern
Prompt: <mymodel>super model, lace and silk materials, elegant pose, high fashion, soft and sensual lighting, high quality, glamorous, luxurious, detailed lace, professional modeling, elegant atmosphere
Prompt: <mymodel> super model posing, bedroom, concept art, Ruan Jia, Stephen Shortridge, Sunil Das, Kushan empire, cinematic lighting,
unreal engine, color grading, editorial photography, photoshoot, shot on 70mm lens, depth of field, detailed, intricate,
hyper maximalist, elegant, hyper realistic, super detailed, dynamic pose,
centered, photography uhd, style raw
Prompt: Make me a logo with A vibrant watercolor cow painting ,close up with sunglasses on, the sunglasses show reflection of spicy peppers garden, light lighting, sunny outside, with business name "Jerked by Jon" and the slogan "when Jerkin is Hot"
Prompt: monster with (iridescent:0.3) grey (slimy skin:1.3), (sheen:1.3), bright
Prompt: medieval clothing
Prompt: Midshot alien on the beach, gorgeous eyes, shiny metal and glass scales, intricate honeycomb pattern, hyperdetailed, photo, finalrender, hdr, otherworldly, detailed facial features, alien landscape, ethereal lighting
Prompt: digital art that captures the essence of weirdness
Prompt: sea queen in the stormy ocean at night in the light of the full moon, fluidity of water, shiny splashes, revealing clothes, red long hair styled in a complex hairstyle, gold jewelry, crystal tiara, epic plot, mysticism, fantasy, dynamics of motion, unearthly beauty, soft colors, watercolor, fluidity, detailed picture, Watercolor, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski
Prompt: hitler watering his lawn,  green grass,  golf ball, front yard, house, volkswagen car
Prompt: Full body anime illustration of a girl with demon horns and tail, wearing a soft beautiful full length scarlet layered ball gown, ornately detailed, highres, anime, intricate design, elegant
Prompt: AquaPure Bliss Filtered Showerhead