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Prompt: black & white, detailed line drawing, india ink, pen and ink, an escarpment face with intermittent waterfalls, monotone, high contrast, Arthur Rackham
Prompt: fullbody, demoness, female, full body picture, stunning pretty facial traits, white skin, leathery huge and black demonwings, high quality, realistic, glowing red eyes, dark and foreboding color tones, intricate horns, dramatic lighting stunning pretty but cute facial traits, pale skin, immensive thick long tousled white hair with white wisps, red glowing eyes, tremendous huge dragonwings, black dragonwings, detailed intricate bellyfree black in black chain mail with showing a strong eight-pack, overhelming charismatic and cute, stunning and gorgeous facial traits, slim ripped, slender and wiry upper body, visible slim eight-pack belly, high quality, glooming dungeon background, dark and foreboding color tones, intricate horns close together on the top of the head , dramatic lighting, pretty, friendly face, complete body picture, demon feets, pretty face, very small belly, long black nails, bigger wings, pretty face, large wings,
Prompt: Create a black Mercedes A 250e in AMG Line. You should see it in its entirety. In the background a desert. It should look as real as possible. The license plate should be a German license plate with DN:G 212E.
Prompt: inflatable PVC Cat Lady Suit🐈‍⬛ For Boys For Akai Brown Smith
Prompt: A beautiful south indian girl. Slim body. Wearing a wet white transparent saree. She has black hair and a thin  gold chain around her neck with a thin cross. she has a tattoo TONY on her left hand. She has 5 rings on her finger and a thin gold chain around her arms. She has navel piercing. She has brown skin. her saree is not worn on top half  . Her legs are seen clearly. both her arms and her stomach is seen clearly. She is laughing. she is sitting on top of the bonnett of a jazz  blue dodge challenger sxt 2015 year car . . The background is a beach hotel in dubai. the girls dress is so transparent that her entire nody is seen . Her legs are spread wide open. Her stomach is seen clearly.
Prompt: A soldier with blue cross eyed purge mask wearing black body armour whilst wielding a blue assault rifle standing in front of a futuristic city
Prompt: Night magical city under stars, fantasy painting, enchanting skyline, detailed architecture, mystical atmosphere, sparkling starlight, high quality, ethereal, fantasy, magical, detailed cityscape, night sky, enchanting, mystical lighting
Prompt: Craft a sinister trio representing the embodiment of malevolence. A darkened scene featuring three malevolent figures, each with twisted expressions, ghastly features, and ominous postures. The first 'See No Evil' harbors a gaze of maleficence, the second 'Hear No Evil' exudes a sinister auditory presence, and the third 'Speak No Evil' manifests a dreadful silence. Utilize an eerie color palette, intricate details, and haunting shadows to evoke a chilling and foreboding atmosphere. Embrace a style inspired by gothic art, horror cinema, and unsettling symbolism. Delve into the darkest recesses of creativity to capture the essence of this nefarious trio. --niji 50 --chaos 30 --macabre"
Prompt: Character sheet, female human, pale skin, long black wavy hair, piercing honey irises, slender body, dressed in  black pajama pants with tacos and black t-shirt,  gorgeous, beautiful, light vertical scar over lips. D&D sheet, oc character. comic book art. illustration.
Prompt: Generate a dark and twisted rendition of the classic proverb "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." Craft a chilling scene where malevolent entities embody the essence of wickedness. Each character represents a sinister aspect:

"See no evil" - A figure with eyes shrouded in darkness, emanating an aura of sinister observation and unseen malevolence.
"Hear no evil" - A ghastly being with ears covered, yet still attuned to the whispers of malevolent forces, signaling a sense of foreboding and dread.
"Speak no evil" - A vile creature with its mouth sealed shut, concealing unspeakable horrors and sinister intentions, embodying the silence of malice.
Prompt: hi, may you please generate a futuristic view of Chile?
the cheerful turtle, embarks on a journey to the world of symbols. Visualize Tini standing at the entrance of this magical realm, filled with vibrant symbols floating in the air.
Prompt: Create an NFT depicting the "Eternal Guardian," a stoic and noble figure, standing amidst an ethereal landscape shrouded in mist and ancient ruins. The guardian should exude an aura of wisdom and strength, with intricate details on their attire and artifacts symbolizing their connection to the passage of time.
Prompt: gray wolf. gray eyes. oil painting. illustration. character sheet, multiple views, full body. monochromatic
Prompt: in a complex background, Pacman, Sega Corporation, Intricate Details, Hyper Detailed, Jean Baptiste Monge, Carne Griffiths, Michael Garmash, Seb Mckinnon, Jeremy Mann plastic,
Prompt: girl
Prompt: create a uhD quality image of mount Kailash suitable for using as an walpaper
Prompt: create a uhD quality image of mount Kailash suitable for using as an walpaper
Prompt: Soldiers in advanced body armour firing at enemies who are charging towards them with Explosions and fire filled the space station where they are fighting. On the floor, soldiers where being injured and crawling towards safety
Prompt: Fresh-squeezed kale milk
Prompt: a logo of a nice technician facing rightwards with his body and working with a thick electric cable, blue and red colors, gentle lines, white background of a brick wall
Prompt: inflatable PVC Cat Lady Suit🐈‍⬛ For Boys For Akai Brown Smith